Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sophia's Escape

Sophia is a beautiful and kind figure, one that tries to fix the errors of her sassy kin. However, she didn't always try to un-sassy her sisters, and once was the teased of her herd...

 Chapter One

 "You're soooo childish!"Galine said to Sophia as she strung flowers into her mane.

"I'm not!"she complained."All the he-horses say otherwise, since I'm the only one who can string flowers into my hair."
"Well, then you're born to be a small colt forevar!"Galine was her older sister, but she was rotten, rotten, rotten. Even more rotten than an apple devoured by worms. She pretended to be nice around the mares, but when they were grazing, she would boss Sophia around, telling her to apply more worm blood(horse kind of lipstick) to her lips and more kohl and mascara Twolegs spilled.Tears spilled down her cheeks as she chewed damp-hay the grass-eating monsters had spilled. Then, one of the herd elders turned.
"Galine, why is lil' Sophia crying?"she asked.
"She started up her nonsense about me being a brat, and bit her lip!"Galine lied, quickly chapping off some of Sophia's worm blood.
"Sophia, stop being a brat. Galine is the nicest of the nice.'the elder scolded. Sophia kicked Galine in the face, and Galine fainted.Fire burned in the elder's eyes, but Sophia kicked her too and ran, tears smearing her blush.

 Chapter Two

 Sophia ran over the hills, kicking aside her herd. The sky darkened as she ran, but the tears in her eyes blotted out everything but the color of the yellow-green grass. Every breeze of misty wind scared her, every niegh of complaint from her kin a spank. Meanwhile, the howl of wolves echoed through the hills in the distance.
"Run!" an elder shouted. All the horses ran, but the wolves drew closer.Only Sophia was far away enough from the wolves to mask her scent, and she drew farther and farther away, drawing on some unknown source of energy. The gold light of an immortal washed over her, and her godparents(her parents had died from a diease when she was two) stopped to gawk, only to be consumed in a wave of barking wolves.
"Help!"she cried. Only winds of fall answered her. Then, the wolves and horses stopped in midmotion, as time froze. A grey shape fell from the sky, and Sophia just had to gawk at the grey heron staring down at her.

 Chapter Three

 "Hello."the heron said. Her voice was like a chorus of singing birds, but most were simply mockingbirds and scissortails, as Sophia eerily recognized.
"Did you answer my prayer?"she asked the heron, tears stopping midway down her face as a sliver of hope pierced her heart.The heron smiled warmly.
"Yes, I have. Let me reveal what is really going on."The grey heron sqwauked, and the illusions over the wolves faded. Instead, they were sort of cyclops creatures, with varying amount of legs and globs of essence falling off them. Suddenly, the bloody carcasses lying on the grass seemed cursed with the breath of those foul creatures.
"Those dark creatures are called phantoms, and they have went over my land, Jamaa's borders. Come with me, as you will be saved from this miserable fate. There is nothing I can do."Sophia stepped through the portal the heron had just created, as her old life was one that would otherwise end in suicide. Suddenly, instead of barren grassland, she was surrounded by bamboo, and other animals stared at her, then bowed.
"Welcome, Sophia, to Jamaa. You are an Alpha, to compensate for your miserable fate. You are one who is truly gifted, and shouldn't be abused anywhere." they said as she gasped in wonder.


 Sophia walked up to them, and started talking. Soon, she was filled in on everything one wanted to know about Jamaa. Mira smiled.
"We have recently discovered a new Horse spirit stone, although we cannot make it public, and just say that we have brought horses to Jamaa, but I decided to find a Horse alpha. However, you must guide your Jamaasian kin toward a wholesome fate. Do you accept your eternal quest?"Sophia hestitated, then nodded. Her herd had died as sassy meanies, so she didn't want other horses to meet their fate."I accept."she whispered, and set out to guide her pupils. However, there is a rumor that Galine slipped through the portal, and is now a famed hacker named solidblue*********...

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