Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Immortal Potion

There will be heroes of the next generation that will avenge Mira, and eventually take the role of the Alphas, for the Alphas cannot fight forever. Here is what Cosmo had to do to learn this unhappy but true statement...

 The Forever Potion

 by Amy Jiao

 Cosmo was inside the Chamber of Knowledge, sitting on the ladder and furiously mixing random herbs. Since Kindear had long ago pronounced the Alpha's fates, he had started to find a way to extend the Alpha's strength until the hero came, and Cosmo had been unsuccessful. So far, all he'd achieved was growing large plants that leeched onto stone, blew up caverns in the Forgotten Valley, and Edmund blowing fire like a blowtorch. Nothing that would preserve strength, as both Mira and Zios, mighty deities, had succumbed to the evils in every one of Jamaa's nooks and crannies. 
"Was it rosemary and sage, then stir clockwise, or was it honey and fern and buttercup and a teaspoon of moss, then stir counterclockwise?" he muttered to himself. Cosmo had consulted every little book of runes and spells, but he hadn't found any to make a strength-preserving potion.
" Wait.." Cosmo looked at a small recipe book on the bottom of the shelf, and flipped through. He hadn't noticed it before, and suddenly found the concoction's recipe at the very back.
"Eureka!" he shouted, and gathered the ingredients. He found some moss, sand, sacred water, turtle shells, sand dollars, one of Mira's feathers, and a bunch of unripe bananas, and mixed in a vial. He shook it with a stopper on, poured it between two vials, consulted the plants for advice on handling their kin, and stirred in random directions. Soon, he had mixed a muddy drink.
 Cosmo drank a sip, and a burst of energy came with the flavor of liquid eucalyptus, without fading. Suddenly, his mother's spirit appeared next to him, and frowned.
"What?"he asked her. Cosmo never liked seeing his mother anguished.
"Cosmo, that potion was never meant to be. It can be lethal if the wrong amount of sips is taken, and falling into the wrong paws would be inevitable."she said quietly. Cosmo was shocked, then angry.
"I have come so far, and I have to destroy this?! I would be throwing away decades of work!" he snarled, and got up. His mother looked angry, too.
"My dear, you have no idea what it is worth. It is enough to save Miroza, revive Mira and Zios too, but by then the alphas would not be all able to have a sip. Keep the recipe, but hide it with all your powers." Cosmo's mother said wisely. It was a good reason, and Cosmo stopped snarling.
"Okay, Mother, but I will keep the potion with the book, but enchant it so that only a Jammer with a pure heart can take it out." he said.
"It will be only used in a time of need." His mother went back to the spirit worlds in satisfaction, and Cosmo put his failed potions on the top of a high shelf, and hid the potion and the book under the trapdoor, chanting every concealment spell he could think of. As for what he did later on, he strove to provide the Jamaasians with his services, and train them to take the burden of his role, as the Jamaasians never back down from their war with evil.

 However, evil is not always as simple as poisoned hearts...

 The world pushes us with no mercy, and "good" crawls away in fear.
However, when forces push against the terrible fate, everyone cries out

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