Sunday, January 27, 2013


 Marco raised the alarm.
He had saw a living, breathing dragon out his window, and it looked angry. The snow-breathing creature's eyes were bright yellow, and it was freezing the hut. Harper was trying to drive it away, Amelia was slashing the icicles and throwing them at it, Lisa was zapping it with light, Sir Gilbert was biting him with jaws of steel, Cosmo was summoning roots to choke it, Greely was becoming darkness to enter the dragon's mind, Keldeo was walking over it with water stilts activated, Indiana was whacking the dragon with bamboo, Peck was painting fire dragons into existence to fight the dragon, Sophia was kicking it, Otto was stomping on it, Ruby was ramming it, Cornelius was biting it, and Edmund was hitting it with his neck, but nothing was working. The penguin egg he had found on the doorstep was growing weaker, and he could barely sustain it.
 "Groara!" the dragon shouted, and icefire poured onto the building. The cold fire scorched and froze the hut at the same time, causing large damage. Marco placed the egg in the cooling fire, and launched himself out the window.
 "Take this, overgrown lizard!"he shouted, and kicked the dragon with his horned feet. The dragon roared in pain as ichor poured from its ugly hide, and the snow dragon flew away.
"Why did the dragon attack us like that? Northern dragons, the ones that dwell in the Coraxese ice palaces, are calm and composed, only attacking when attacked. That is truly odd behavior!" Cosmo shouted as Sir Gilbert tried to break the ice and Keldeo put out the fire. Mira flapped down from the cosmos, which she hadn't done for a long time.
"Greetings, my Alphas, and today I will tell you why the dragon has come,"she said, and gave Cosmo a few more feathers from her spiritual reserves of plume before preening as she thought of how to put her intelligence.
"Well, I have discovered in my dreams that the Phantom Queen plans to use this wonderful Northern dragon, Puff, as a weapon to destroy Jamaa. However, he seems to be a crybaby, and takes a long time to recover from minor wounds."Mira said.
"Then why didn't the Phantoms pick a different dragon?" Indiana asked Mira.
"You see, all the other Northern dragons fit to battle are too sensible and stuck-up to fall for such a poor bribe, as they award a thousand crowns to whoever destroys Jamaa. That is a poor price for such a lush land, I say. Soon, you should see Puff come back. Then, you capture him and place him in a deep sleep to neutralize Puff, foiling Apophis's carefully laid out plans. Do this quickly, or a glacier will overcome Jamaa, and I cannot prevent such a thing without Zios's aid." The Alphas went back to what they were doing as the hut went back to perfect condition, and Mira flapped away to end her briefing.

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