Friday, January 25, 2013

The Giraffe Spirit Stone

 As you probably know, there is a story on the Daily Explorer about the discovery of the Giraffe spirit stone. I will tell the full story from my storybook... Gather around me, reader, and let me tell my story.
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 The Giraffe Spirit Stone

by Amy Jiao

 The phantom map of where the Giraffe spirit stone was stored had been stolen from their sewer base when they had escaped, and the Alphas had to study it thoroughly to translate the runes. When they finally found the location, Lisa went to the Forgotten Valley to find the boulder. (Spoiler Alert: Greely isn't back yet, he is still dead.)The other alphas came later, but by that time a dozen animals were straining to move it. However, not even their minds could move it, since it was made from the heaviest lead Graham had ever seen. While Lisa and Harper went to gather some strong animals to move the boulder, he studied every bit of it until he could picture the entire rock in his mind.
 "Graham, are you done with your crazy ol' calculations?" Peck teased him every day. Graham ignored her sassiness and shook his head. After two weeks of study, he got it on the deadline.
 At that moment, Lisa came back with more animals. By then, Graham was building a simple way to move the boulder while Lisa oversaw the removal of the boulder. So much sweat, and nothing to show for it.He clucked his tongue in annoyance. Why, it was the simplest thing in the world to build a waterwheel on a nearby stream and set up a system of gears, pulleys, and counterweights that could raise and lower the giant rock with the effortless pull of a lever. Sure, it took a few days to build, and Liza kept asking why they couldn’t just get a few more strong animals to pitch in and move the stone in a matter of minutes. Graham tried to explain that she was missing the point — now they could move the boulder up and down any time they wanted, without breaking a sweat! Liza and the other animals weren’t impressed with Graham’s contraption, and they seemed to forget all about it as soon as the giraffes were freed to return to Jamaa., all within the deadline even though Graham didn't see why they needed a deadline.
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 So, he had found a way to crack open stubborn coconuts without his coconut-poker! After crafting it lovingly from bark, though, he found a way to use it; as a sundial watch and a way to impale peas on the point,  and also a way to kill phantoms. Graham now uses the contraption sometimes when he finds coconuts on the beach, and ever since he has been spotted drinking coconut milk and taunting the other alphas that he bet they couldn't slurp a coconut as fast as he could.

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