Thursday, January 17, 2013

Graham's Gems

There are many stones in Jamaa, from the diamond phantom to the golden, from the Diamond on Display and the other jewels. However, two new items have story to them, and today I will tell you their story. Gather around, my readers, and listen carefully...


 Graham liked jewels, and often forged jewelry for the Alphas with the Zios steel he had gathered over his lifetime. However, he still was intent on one thing. Graham, and Graham alone, would forge marvelous jewels for the Jammers.
 First, he gathered jewels from the ends of the land.
"Now, where do I get garnets?" he asked himself as he wandered around Jamaa, armed with nothing but a hammer, a pickax, a map, and a jar of fireflies.
 He soon gathered all the things he needed, and retreated to the Temple Of Trivia, where he stayed inside the tree where artifacts were preserved, and summoned an anvil to work on. With Graham's excellent craftsmanship  he created diamond phantoms, golden phantoms, diamonds that he later put on displays, and the most perfect rings.  However, even by the next day, and the next, and the next, he just couldn't get one thing right, which were the birthstones and the displays they could be placed on.
" I just can't find the perfect jewels and steel for my creations!" Graham cried, banging the anvil as he carried his misshapen jewels to the water for rebirth as minerals and rocks. Suddenly, an idea was formed in Graham's mind, and he shaped it like moist clay as he pondered, and pondered, and pondered. Now, he had the idea as thick as marble, and he scampered off to Mount Shiveer.

 At the flat plateau where tourists went, he hurried over to the campfire he sometimes told cold hikers stories. There, flawless gold was in the mining tunnel to the beach. Cries of happy swimmers and calls of tropical birds echoed up the tunnel, and Graham shivered. Since he was a New World monkey, he felt cold in this sort of place.
"It's Graham!" a spring-bather shouted, but by then he was already inside Lisa's patchwork tent. The campfire was warm, and the rumble of his shabby hot cocoa machine was warmer still, and Graham wrapped himself in warm robes Lisa had sewn for cold Jammers. 
 Long ago, Graham had built the machine, and it nearly exploded due to a cocoa bean overload. Graham smiled as he remembered the shock when he saw the machine leaking cream and cocoa beans.
"Ah, the good old days." he said." Back when we didn't have dilly dally tablets and water slides, although the Twoleg stuff has some mean blueprints." He got a hot cocoa cup from his machine, and had to push the arms that gave you toppings back in due to cocoa rust.

 After some time warming up his hands near the fireplace and looking at the Ram spirit stone, he finally decided that he would mine some jewels here. Graham put his map in his bag, and hurried out with down robes on.
 His paws felt numb wading through several feet of snow, but he finally arrived at the campfire, where he could relieve his feet near the hot coals. Graham saw the orbs of jewels inserted carefully into the rock, and crafted a missile launcher from scrap metal.
"Get ready for Armageddon, phantom fossils," Graham muttered, and fired the first decoy jewel. The phantom spirits Greely had long ago locked inside the fossils writhed as their holds of jewels fell into the narrow pit down to the woods, dissipating into the void of trees. When the grip of the fossils was weakened, he took some of the jewels.
 Nobody knows this yet, but the jewels he took were made by Mira from the same material as Elf Steel and Spirit Stone, so it had many magical properties. The celestial material is so powerful, that only Mira knows how many powers it has. Not even Graham knows.
 Graham chiseled out the gold, and was about to teleport for the tree when ominous clouds gathered around the peak. He had just enough time to transport the yaks grazing nearby for the Coraxese ice palaces, drawing on Cornelius's powers, when phantoms descended. 
"This is our gold and jewels, and ours alone. We stole the Spirit Stones for their value in supplying Jamaa and it's allies with minions, and we shall KEEP THEM!" an exceptionally large phantom boomed, yet without any mouth. Graham guessed that the large one was one of the Phantom King's friends, and he wouldn't give up the jewels and steel he had gotten for the Jammers. 
" The Spirit Stones rightfully belong to US, petty one, and Jamaasians don't cower in the shadows, as phantoms do." Graham shouted. The large phantom's body turned beet red with anger, and Graham got ready for battle.

 Graham was experienced, and he knew how to slay a phantom, or any other beast, as easily as he would wield a hammer. He killed off the phantoms with ease, and had barely gotten injured by the time the beasts fled.
 Teleporting back, he hammered the jewels into birthstones, carving phantom shapes in magical poses to protect the jewel, the owner, and wish them a happy life, and to also remind them of his short-lived battle.
" The little ones will LOVE this!" he exclaimed proudly, and sent them to Lisa to be placed in shops. Despite their "giraffe Spirit Stone" rivalry, she usually approved his projects. But before he did much else, he chipped some wood off the elder tree.  He shaped that into a circle, and etched the symbols of some of the Jamaasian elements, Life, Shadow, Fire and Beauty, although Water and Rock would have been more appropriate. He traced and carved a rim for the wood as carefully as he would a shield, and put molten jewels into marble jars.
" This shield is valuable, Jamaasian. Once you have finished your birthstone collection, you have power over every season and month. It is a margin of the Jamaasian power, but it is dangerous unleashed." he etched on the wood as the jewels cooled. He hung from a root in the ceiling like a bat and slept for a moment, waiting for the cooldown.
 Graham awoke to find the jewels molded securely into the marble. He took a banana from his bag, and ate it while he molded the marble bowls into the wood. Each birthstone glimmered, and he placed the birthstones on each corresponding bowl. The shield emitted rainbow colors as it tapped into the powers of the Elves.
 " I shall do replicas," he decided, and made replicas as quick as a scared cockroach. He sent them to Lisa smugly as he buried the jewels in the silt with his anvil, feeling good after a day's work.


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