Thursday, January 3, 2013

Greely and the Dead

I recently wrote about Shade and Seth, as they are good topics to discuss Greely's shyness and quietness.However, by popular demand, I have continued the saga of Shade and Seth, and this is when Greely ignored his duties to prepare phantom battle plans just for looking for Shade's spirit...

The Dead

 ~adapted from the Phantom archives~

 "Oh, Shade..."Greely looked at the jar containing Shade's heart, pickled and protected by magic. So long ago, she had died, and Mira had sent him her heart as a memoir. He had tried crying over her heart, placing her heart in Seth's body, even throwing it at her grave, but the grip of the land of the dead held her tight. Now, if you don't believe in the land of the dead, stop reading, as this has strong ties with those beliefs, as the title specified. Now, we continue.
"How can I revive you?"he asked her grave, sitting on Seth's nearby grave. But instead of silence, black energy got sucked into the mound, including a few phantoms lurking nearby, and Shade's shade rose, her smile planted firmly on her face.
"Shade!"Greely's kiss passed through her shade, and he fell. Shade's projection flipped to face him, and she hugged him, although it only felt like a gentle breeze to him despite his link to dark mythology.
"Greely, turn back before it's too late." Shade warned him. "Not doing so will result in an attempt to reverse fate that will result in your end."
Greely stared at her sturbbonly.
Shade nodded reluctantly, and chanted the spell to revive her. Greely quickly pulled some paper and a mechanical pencil out of the Duat, and jotted down the phantom glyphs coming out of her mouth. Then, she dissipeared, and the crickets chirped nervously as black energy was blasted out of the grave, although Greely didn't notice.

                                                  To cast spell...
 1. Get frog hearts.
 2. Take a kidney out of a half-Coraxese's belly
 3. Get the fresh heart of the animal you wish to revive.
 4. Take a bone of Zios.
 5. Find a feather of Mira
 6. Get the shade of the revivee.
 7. Pour all components in a vial, shake, and cast onto floor. Then chant brisingr to set the concotion aflame, reviving the revivee.
 Greely had all of them but number two, number one and six. Cosmo would be happy to lend him frog hearts, as he had many for nutritious snacks, and he could take Seth's kidney. He would understand why Greely wanted to bring back his mother. He pulled both out of the Duat, as Otto had taught him to to save time, then hesitated. He needed Shade's shade.

 To be continued...

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