Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lisa's Magic Campfire

Lisa is a very good storyteller, as we can see in the video Return Of The Alphas, and has  a magical campfire. But where did she get her campfire, and where is it now?

 Lisa and Graham both loved storytelling, and often told stories with pink/blue mist, which often fired up the imaginations of their guests. However, the more complex the story, the more mana it took, and sometimes they didn't even have enough mana to teleport back to their hut, and they would have to drink Cosmo's special leaf-flavored mana potions, which neither liked.
"What shall we do?"Graham asked Lisa one dawn.
"Our mana is always drained, but we cannot abandon our young ones just for mana."Lisa said. Graham shook his head, and his wild hair flew everywhere.
"Well, we could use a system of strings and levers and pulleys to launch us a mana potion every hour, and adjust the path of the vial chute every time we shift locations."Graham said, putting on steampunk goggles and summoning a magic map. Lisa rolled her eyes.
"You're more complicated than my Scrabble puzzles."she muttered."A wild animal whose spirit stone not yet retrieved could gnaw through the bamboo chute, and the precious vial would drop, for it to drink."Lisa had a point, so Graham tucked away the magical map somewhere far away through telekinesis, and slid his steampunk goggles onto his forehead.
Lisa thought for a moment, and looked at Greely loping down the corridor, on his way to enchant one of Amelia's arrows. Suddenly, she grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, and dragged him toward her. He yelped in surprise.
"Greely, I need you to enchant a firepit and place it in the Sarperia Forest."she told him. He nodded, and slipped out of her grasp. Graham nodded, and slunk back to his room to plan out a good story.


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