Friday, January 4, 2013

The Timestones of the Cats

The lion, Arctic Wolf, and Snow Leopard spirit stones are reserved for those who purchase them. However, they do have spirit stones, but they did not come in the best condition, and have no alpha who stands for them. Here is how Lisa found them...


 by Amy Jiao

 Lisa stepped through Amelia's Gate, the link between Appondale and the valley beyond. Trudging up the hill, she stopped at a river to refill her canteen. Bones of foxes lay everywhere, which Lisa tried to avoid. She was out to find the lost spirit stones, called Timestones for how long they had been lost, for they were the first cast out of the mountain and the first to be stolen. Lisa trudged into the lush valley, and waved away the fog. Nothing. She scanned the grass for any stones. Nothing.
"Where are you, Timestones?"she called out. A phantom dove down from the sky, and ensnared her in a net of dark energy.
"Foolish alpha, I have the Timestones, and will not give them up without a fight! I swear on my eye!"
the phantom cried with no mouth. Lisa zapped it, but the phantom didn't even wince, and laughed like a maniac.
"You are more arrogant than lil' Peck, hot one."the phantom said, and Lisa thought she saw some love in it's eye. Then, the pupil turned cold again.Lisa managed to wriggle free, and swam across the river, and climbed onto an island in the river. She piled some rocks up, and jumped on top. Concentrating, she put her paws near her chest in a prayer mode, and laid her cane against the stack. As she chanted runes to protect herself, the phantom was summoning animal spirits to assist him.
"Get that panda!"he snarled at them. The spirits lunged, but shattered against Lisa's barrier. Animal spirits weren't strong without a host animal to fuse with, so they simply returned to the stone.
"Brisingr." Lisa said, and a wisp ignited in front of her. She used her concentration to move the Timestones aside before she launched the wisp at the phantom. It burned, and slipped out with a type three burn. The phantom launched a red laser at her from it's eye, and it burned a hole through her barrier, hitting her belly. Lisa plunged into the water.
"I'm dying."she thought as immortality trickled away from her. Lisa hit the pebbles, and had enough breath to summon her combat avatar, and retrieved her cane in the process.
"Syah!"she yelped as she burst out of the water. The phantom looked shocked.
"For Mira and Zios!"she shouted before stomping on the phantom. When she lifted her paw, there was only a pile of dust. Another one of the Phantom King's painless warlords, flattened like flapjacks.
The combat avatar shrunk, and she picked up the three Timestones.
"Let's hope that these aren't like the ram spirit stone."she muttered. The stones were slightly cracked, however weren't very bad. At least the spirits coming from the stones had been strong-willed! Lisa barely kept her barrier up when they pelted her like hailstones. Mira flapped down from the sky at that moment.
"Good job."she told Lisa."You have found the Timestones. However, it has been decided that no alpha will be chosen for these animals, as they are all endangered and the Arctic wolf not even present in the world of Twolegs. Let's go."
Lisa let the talons of Mira close around her shoulders as they went back to the hut.

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