Thursday, January 3, 2013

Part 2

Greely got ready for the biggest spell he would cast in his lifetime, if he failed to bring Shade back. He lay bamboo around him, caught some wisps in the woods for mana, and even prayed to Zios, as he ran the land of the dead now, like Osiris running the Egyptian version of the land of the dead.
" Open Seasame, portal to the dead world!"he chanted. Phantoms rose from his breath, and most disentigrated, leaving four white ones to connect with static, forming a dark void.
 "Goodbye, Jamaa. Hello, Vramaa."he muttered as he entered the dead nation, Vramaa.
He started at the river Lix, where lost hopes and dreams, along with phantom spirits, floated in it's yellow waters. Uttering a single word, he constructed a bridge of stars above the stream of acid floating above the stars in an endless void. As he crossed it, the stars tickled his paws, making him feel relaxed, despite being on a floating chunk of Jamaa long gone to the eons. He arrived at the gates built of  Shiveerean ice, where spirits of the long lost dead milled about,waiting for the spirits of the three white phantoms, Strike, Free and Dom, to judge there fate.(More on them later.) He walked past the large werewolf Konos with ease, as Konos was his creation to guard the gates of Vramaa.
"Let me through the fields, to find Shade of the Coraxese."he whispered. A gust carried him past the groping dead, past the fields where phantoms tortured foul spirits, past the joyful forests where good spirits played for eternity, past the place of immortals where dryads helped those immortals that chose a mortal fate. He was swept right through the obsidion and sapphire gates of Zios's palace, right into a banquet Zios had.
"Greely?"Zios asked him skeptically.
"Lord Zios!"He tried to drag him out, but some invisible force stopped them.
"I cannot leave Vramaa, since my spirit was anchored here to organize the dead."Zios said simply."Otherwise, wouldn't I have returned long before Mira started weeping?"
Greely smacked himself. He had forgot that Zios was to be forever dead!
"Where is Shade?"he asked the cracked mask that was Zios.
Zios looked heavy with guilt."I-I put her to sleep. She was one of the Coraxese, and doomed you to withdraw from the world even further."he sighed in guilt.Greely's eyes widened.
"NOOOO!" The shade of Shade appeared next to him, a sleeping body suspended in midair.Greely started weeping. Zios sighed, and opened his mouth. A gust blew out, and Greely was in his room.

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