Friday, January 25, 2013

Miroza's Dreams

 Miraoza thought about all the memories she had as a child while in her sleep. They were bittersweet memories, ones she wanted to keep a strong grip on. All these memories were replayed in her mind as eons passed, and the tree above her prison grew older and older as her memories fed its roots...

 Miroza was born just before Apophis entered Zios's mind. Zios had offered some of his soul for Mira, and using his soul shard she gave birth to the Star egg. The egg was Miroza, and she nursed it in her shrine nonstop before the peeps of Miroza could be heard. All of Jamaa had gathered to witness Miroza's birth, and as she pecked her way into the lush land of peace and animals, Miroza felt the joys and sorrows of millions of Jamaasians stream into her heart, and from that moment on she was as wise as Cosmo, who listened to the vast pool of the plants' knowledge.
 However, as the land grew dark and foul, Mira grew fearful of the scammer group in Jamaa rising, and their partner group, the hackers, and hid Miroza from the naked eye. She even dared wipe the memories clean of every witness to protect her baby.
"Why have you hid me in this pit?" Miroza asked her mother one day when Mira hid her in a pit in the Coraxese ice palaces. The last pure tears of Mira streamed down Mira's beak, and they turned into three kestrels, one red, one blue, one yellow.
"I will meet with the Alphas and Father, Miroza. If I never return... name yourself Daughter Sky. Let these kestrels guide you, and never leave them," Mira told Miroza. Miroza stayed in the pit, relying on a small jar of Greek Fire to warm her. Mira never returned, and after two days the kestrels guided her to the Alpha hut. The bronze-colored heron asked the alphas what to do, and the Alphas told her to stay in the aviary while they fought the phantoms. Miroza played with the owls and other various birds, but grew bored.
"I will find Mother,"she had vowed, and escaped from the aviary on a particularly dark night. It was the Winter solstice, December 21st.
 Miroza hadn't realized it, but the Phantom King and Queen had their eyes set on the only Jamaasian deity left for them to kill. Flying through the clouds, she met a gang of phantom assassins, and gallons of ichor poured from Miroza as she fought them with powers of sky.
 Miroza managed to escape, and went over her memories of frolicing in the woods with the satyrs day after lazy day...

 The Alphas had found her, but she only managed to get healing from Cosmo and the power to bend metal from Graham before the phantoms captured the alphas in a cube of ice, where they fought many legions of phantoms. Miroza had no choice but to flee to the Forgotten Valley, where she defended the elves. The elves died, however, and she went to defend the clans, but they were pummeled to exhaustion and she had no choice but to leave. Miroza traveled day and night, many weeks during the year, yet only witnessed the deaths of many Jammers. Blood stained the grass, and the population went down into the hundreds before the Alphas showed themselves at Jamaa Township, where they defended the stragglers. Miroza was not so lucky as the Jamaasians, though.

 More ichor and blood spilled as she traveled to a safe place, and yet she only destroyed where she stayed. The phantoms chased her until she was cornered in her father's temple, where she summoned her father's powers. However, because he was weak and she was not good at channeling magic, the temple exploded and most of the buildings were ruined. The remaining fell into disrepair.
 Every single phantom channeled Apophis's power, and chains of shadow bound Miroza to the small room, where she fell into a deep sleep.

 Miroza remembered this, and winced. No matter how thick the dust was over her, she still could feel emotion. Someday...she would get revenge on Apophis for what he had done.

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