Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Amelia's Hunt

Amelia pursed the scent of the fleeing deer, and jumped over some fallen logs with moss on it. The purple moss seemed to move, and Amelia noticed that it was slime mold, fresh after a fresh rain. She stopped to drink some water in a puddle, then kept pursing her prey. She jumped over one rock, two rocks, three rocks, and a log... A clearing appeared, and the buck seemed to see her. It stood there, frozen in fear. Amelia prayed to Mother Sky to forgive her, then slashed her sharp claws across it's neck. The deer dropped, and she dodged in time to get a hold on it's scruff  and drag it through the woods.
"Nice catch there, Amelia."the wild foxes muttered. Amelia beamed, and dragged it all the way to the Alpha hut, and Cosmo looked happy.
"I'll cook deer soup tonight, Amelia. Your game is getting larger. Maybe you could go hunt down some phantoms and kill them!" Cosmo said excitedly.
Amelia rushed out, and sniffed the air. The phantom rebels were nearby, and their scent was getting fainter by the seconds. They probably were pursing some phantoms to fight, and ask if they would join their cause or die. Amelia decided to follow them.
"What are you hunting, Amelia?" Roban asked her as he crept out of a bush. He was a rogue fox, one that had heard many stories about her, and eventually found her and befriended her.
"I am hunting phantoms," she said. Roban's eyes twinkled with delight.
"Can you bring me a carcass to dissect!?"he asked her. Amelia grinned, and swished her tail.
"I will, Roban." she promised, and ran off. She knew that a vow she made was a vow she couldn't break, so Amelia ran with renewed strength.

 When she caught up with the rebels, she saw Serena and her elite guards setting up camp while the other rebels cleared some territory out for a campsite.
"How are you doing?" Amelia asked the rebels. They bowed before her.
"Very well, Amelia, Rogue and Alpha, and you may do what you wish with us." the elite guards said, and even Serena said that. The rebels pledged themselves to her because she had power over normal phantoms, and could convince them to join the rebels or do the impossible.
"I would like to hunt down the phantoms with you,"she said, and Serena nodded, which shook her entire body.
"Very well. Our meal tonight is rabbit ribs and goat liver, but we can give you strawberry ice cream instead." Serena said.
"I will take the ice cream., because the Alphas will deliver my meal." she said. Serena bowed, and gave Amelia a silk square the size of a bubblegum stick. Instantly, it unfolded into a fox-size teepee.  Amelia gasped, and slid into her tent.
"Rest easy, for we shall purse the phantoms tommorow at Nine o' clock sharp."Serena called into the tent. Amelia ate her ice cream, then rubbed her belly. Cosmo suddenly teleported to her, and she took her bowl of stew from his paws. He smiled, and teleported back.

 The next day, Amelia ate so much waffle and syrup that her mouth was glued to her napkin when she left the table.
"How was our gourmet breakfast?" Serena asked her.
"Eerry Foud." Amelia gargled. She meant to say "Very Good,"but her napkin blocked good grammer in speech.
"Here, I'll yank your napkin off so that you can rip your horrible fangs into the phantoms." Serena said. Amelia liked how nice Serena was and how tomboyish she was, since all the other female alphas went with the sterotype of society, and Peck only was a lil' brat, unlike what some people think of her. Serena tugged, and tugged, and tugged, and yet the napkin would NOT come off.
"Pull away!" Serena shouted, yet her body only trembled from tugging, not speaking. The silence of Serena's body still sent a chill down Amelia's spine. Amelia pulled, and Serena pulled, and soon the napkin came off with a POP.
"Thanks, bud." Amelia told Serena, and went to the inflatable well to wash her muzzle.

 All the rebels were now in pursit of the evil phantoms, and had took the camp down in a matter of seconds. The zaps of the phantoms charred the forest, and yet they still stayed in the underbrush of Sarperia Forest. As the scent of evil teardrops got closer, Serena looked back at Amelia.
"We're getting close!" she shouted.Amelia simply quivered with excitement. Soon, they burst through the bushes to find the phantoms attacking a family of hedgehogs in their maze of a den.
" Move it!" she shouted at a twig, and the twig cleared the maze of obstacles. The two-legged phantoms wandered around, while the larger rebels destroyed them with ease. Apparently, they were too primitive to fight back. Amelia saw a lone hedgehog in the maze whereas the others had escaped, and it ran through. Amelia watched in wonder as it ate gems, and gobbled up the phantoms while picking up their spilled food. When it escaped, its family treated it like a hero.
"So, shall I take a carcass?" she asked Serena. Serena nodded, as she also valued battle trophies. However, Amelia would give it to a special someone.

 "Cool!" Roban exclaimed as he tore apart the phantom and took out some of it's organs.
" You're welcome." Amelia said before he could thank her, and dashed into the woods to evade his yucky dissecting. Once again, she was on the hunt using Greely's skills.
 As for the hedgehogs, the den area was later set up for Jammers to play the game Hedgehog there, and now anyone can play a simulation of the brave hedgehog's bravery.


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