Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sophia and the Rescue

 Sophia was bored.
She had mentored quite a few horses today, but now nobody was becoming a horse. Sophia was just about to go play Jamaa Derby when she heard a cry.
 "Save me! Sophia, save me!" a voice cried in her head. Sophia thought it was Galine in her mind again mocking her race, but when she grazed she heard the pleas again, now more desperate. Sophia meditated, tracking down the source of the pleas.
 She went past the mountains, past the Forgotten Valley until she reached the far edge of the valley. There, two hungry coyotes were chasing a young colt, who had... (wait, was she dreaming?) a blue mane. Sophia's eyes snapped open, and she ran across the land like a bullet, only pausing to drink from a stream.
 Sophia arrived where the coyotes were chasing the colt, and they stopped in their tracks as she picked up one by the scruff, and threw it over the mountain. One coyote down. Sophia turned to the next one as the colt hid behind a bush. The coyote wasn't scared, and lunged. Sophia knocked it away with her hoof.
"We are starving...please, let us eat that colt. The leaf-bare is very hard on us..."the coyote snarled, and Sophia could see that it was as skinny as a rail, skinny for a coyote leader. Sophia shook her mane, and several large cows lay in front of the coyote.
"This will last even a thousand coyotes the entire winter, no matter how much you eat. Take these to your pack, and feast on them all you like,"Sophia said as the coyote took a huge bite. The bite-hole was covered up by skin instantly as it removed its jaws. The coyote smiled her a pretty smile.
"You are generous, pretty one. May the coyotes bless you,"the coyote said. As it lugged the carcasses home, Sophia went over to the colt. The colt was shaking with fear.
"What is your name, young one?"she asked the peculiar colt.
"My name is K-Keldeo,"the colt said. Keldeo had some red feathers stuck in his mane, which Sophia found odd.
"Where are your parents?" Sophia asked Keldeo.
"D-dead. A rockslide crushed them. Will you a-adopt me?"Keldeo said. Sophia gave him some grass.
"Poor one. I am Sophia the horse Alpha, and I will adopt you as my apprentice. Show me what you can do."Sophia told Keldeo in a soothing voice. Keldeo looked confused about the term "Alpha", but he still smiled, and sprayed water from his hooves. He was lifted high above Sophia on water stilts. Keldeo stopped, and fell down gently. Keldeo tossed his blue mane, and Sophia saw that he was a unicorn. The small horn glowed, and elongated into a glowing, brown horn that  cut through rock. Sophia smiled.
"Keldeo, come with me to Jamaa, where no animals eat each other and everyone lives happily in a lush land. I will train you, and one day you will become an Alpha. The Alphas protect Jamaa from the evil creatures, Phantoms, and being an Alpha's apprentice is a high honor. Follow me, for you will not regret it."Sophia told Keldeo. His eyes glowed with delight as he trotted into Jamaa Township to see the animals turn, clapping and chanting his name as the bright sun warmed his cheeks.

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