Saturday, January 5, 2013

Peck's Adventure

Peck was annoyed that the other alphas babied her like this when they kept her in her tent because she was "reckless", while they had fun excavating pots that she could paint to perfection. Peck even tried painting a portal to the dig site, but Greely had apparently disabled all magic portals out of the tent. Peck cussed, then suddenly got an idea. Even though she believed in recklessness, she  brainstormed her idea.
"RUBY!"she shouted at the top of her lungs. Her favorite rhino charged in.
"Peck!"she exclaimed." Wanna skydive in Graham's flying squirrel suits?"
Peck grinned from ear to ear, which was a big grin even for her.
"Ready when the time comes."

 That night, when even Greely was too lazy to keep the boundaries around Peck's tent up, the two alphas snuck out, which was a big feat for a clumsy one like Ruby. She would trample on cacti, almost hit a rock, and once even crushed a scorpion family, getting the stingers stuck in her skin. Peck had to gag her to not blow their cover. They got to the edge of Coral Canyons, and  a few Jammer joggers that were insane and never slept pointed at them excitedly. The two got into their suits, which were enchanted to fit the wearer. Greely's department.
"If only Cosmo could talk some sense into the cacti."Ruby muttered as she was ungagged.
"Maybe I could sing them a melody, if the stakes weren't so high that Lisa would hear me." Peck whispered. Clambering into their suits was silent after that.
Soon, they were ready. Peck zipped the last zipper on, then took a deep breath. Ruby did the same.
"Geromino!" they shouted at the same time, and leaped. Every breeze affected their flying squirrel flight, which meant Peck had to concentrate to keep herself aloft.
"Keep going!"she shouted when Ruby looked so scared that she could've lost focus and became a rhino pancake. The red earth and cacti approached rapidly, but Peck decided to go to a different part of the canyon instead.
"Drop!"Peck commanded. They dropped like stone toward the sandy riverbank, just beyond the Epic Wonders pool. Peck landed like a cat, but Ruby wasn't so lucky. She dropped right in a snake nest, and she came out with snake bite marks. 
"Let's sneak back before Sir Gilbert awakens to find our tents empty." Ruby whispered to Peck.
But before they could tiptoe anywhere, Mira dropped from the sky, still a spirit.
"You have done wrong, Peck and Ruby. I shall guide you to camp."she said sternly.
"Peck, you could've killed Ruby. Shame on you."
Peck wasn't sure if it was some godly power, but she felt ashamed. She could've killed her BFF, Ruby, who was the only one who understand her. Peck stared at the ground, like a dunce regretting his ways.
Mira grabbed both of them in her talons, which were amazingly warm and soft. Peck dozed off for a minute, even.

 They arrived at the camp just as the dawn crept slowly on the horizon. The alphas were huddled around the campfire, talking worriedly about their absence. When they saw Mira, they rejoiced.
"Peck, you shouldn't have used my suits!" Graham scolded her, eyeing her purple suit angrily. Peck laughed.
"Well, what would you think if I had thought of snowboarding down the canyon with a cactus?"she said.
Graham's eyes widened, and nodded. He turned around, and started picking at the burned content of his marshmallow. When Mira flew away, Harper started scolding her in a stream of telepathy thoughts, but Peck was drawing Pikachus and Keldeos in her mind. She loved Pokemon, those drawings, especially of Zekrom, were so detailed that she tried to copy them. Peck sat down at the fire with Ruby, casting their suits somewhere behind Graham, and listened in embarrassment as the other Alphas, including the most serious, sang a campfire song about Peck's foolishness. Peck decided that painting pots in her tent might not be so bad after all, after watching her own friends bury her in a grave of shame.

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