Thursday, December 20, 2012

Amelia's Vow(continuied)

 Chapter Four

   Claw and tooth stabbed each other in the battle of opnion and oath,as Chorus and Amelia taunted each other as they fought to the ends of the land.One day they would spill blood in Mount Shiveer's spring,another they'd shred fur on the beach,yet another day they fought in the deepest part of Sarperia Forest.From time to time Peck would help Chorus,but give up and flee.This made Amelia believe even more strongly that the alphas were arrogant and proud forces that should be overthrown,while Chorus thought that Peck was simply recharging.Neither were correct,as neither really avenged balance correctly.Sometimes,doing what is right can mean breaking an oath,in Amelia's case.They fought for countless days,untill Amelia finally struck Chorus's heart,ripping half out.As Chorus lay dying on a barrier reef in the ocean,her blood turned the sea bright red,alerting Mira.Chorus turned to face Amelia,her trumphiant conqueror."I-I was wrong,Amelia."she croaked."I told you so!"Amelia beamed."But you were wrong,too."Amelia stood there,shocked.All these years,she had believed that she had been avenging Balance,and yet she had been wrong!"I do not question that you had a future with the phantoms,but why were you foolish enough to swear such an oath?It is ridiculous and hard to keep,as both good and bad oppose phantoms,as suprising as it seems.You should've died that night,Amelia,and that's what was right." A milky substance covered Chorus's eyes,and Amelia was left to bury Chorus under the waves,to be eaten by fish.

Chapter Five

 Soon Mira arrived,her expression stern."What happened?"she asked."Why would it matter to you!"Amelia screamed."You never told me the ugly truth,and left me to do what was wrong!I should've died,and you let me live!What a protector of Jamaa you are!" Mira's eyes flared with anger,but this wasn't unusual.After Zios died,she had become rash and unpredictable,and tortured Sir Gilbert for killing her spouse,even though her creator had been corrupted by the evil that had crept into the land."You should've died,yes,but the pure spirit of Zios told me to spare you.And he was wrong!You charmspoke him!" Amelia kicked Mira,and golden ichor poured from Mira's leg."Grey herons aren't supposed to be this corrupt!"Mira looked suprised when she heard Amelia's remark,apparently the other alphas,even rebellinous teenage Peck,had strayed away from telling the truth of why they were mad at her."You shall die,and never be reborn.You will face eternal punishment from me in the Phantom Vortex!"But the voice wasn't Mira's.It was the voice of her godmother!"Huh?"Amelia gasped.Mira was now being possesed by the Phantom Queen,as Zios had been corrupted by a sliver of  the Phantom King's spirit."YOU LIED TO ME!"Amelia screamed."You said that you were part of the White eye,but you were actually the phantom queen!"Mira laughed."Puny fox,your kind is so easy to manipulate!I latched onto Mira's spirit when she finished mourning,and took over her!I only sent a minion to take you,but I wanted to destroy you,because you'd kill me!I will not let you hinder my plan to take over Jamaa!"Mira laughed a maniac's laugh,and Amelia suddenly grew angry."You lied to me,and you think it's funny?"Mira stopped laughing, in shock."You made me swear this oath,and I turned against the alphas,became a rogue,corrupt hundreds of Jammers,kill my friend,and hurt Mira JUST FOR YOUR PLEASURE?!?"she shrieked.Now Mira got over her shock."Let's battle,"she said,"and this time I'll kill you!"The two lunged for each other,as Chorus and Amelia had did before.
Chapter Six

 The battle was short-'lived,since Mira actually found the strength to resist the precense of the Phantom Queen.When Amelia leaped over her and struck a blow to her belly,Mira didn't fight back.When Mira swiped at her,she seemed to miss on purpose.Amelia gouged one of her eyes,and it went black.She bit her neck,and ichor poured out rapidly.The fight between mortal and immortal went in favor of the mortal,until the Phantom Queen took over again."Hi-ya!"she'd shout,and Amelia would almost implode."For Zios,the Father Sky,"she'd shout,and the sky seemed to crush her.Soon,it was too much to handle.She collasped,and Mira stood triumphantly over her.That must be how Chorus felt,she thought.Then Mira shuddered,and the Phantom Queen came out.Mira collapsed.Then a more male phantom appeared,and they fused."I will see you in the forgotten plains."the phantom said,the female and male voice merged together said,and the phantom dissipeared,As Amelia lay there dying,Mira rose and took pity on her."You will die,but the alphas will rescue your spirit and place it in their ranks."Mira said."Rise,brave one."Amelia felt herself rising,her dead body being yanked away from her.But instead of turning into a phantom for her bad deeds,she took a detour and headed toward the alpha hut.There,Lisa waited for her,arms spread wide as Amelia bounded into her arms,as if the event that happened sixteen years ago never happened.
                                        The End of the Beginning

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