Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards

Hey Jammers!As you can guess, snow leopards are roaming Jamaa!Guys,I know you're there,but could you please comment?I rarely post because nobody ever replies except for my dad.Anyway,rumor is that these big cats have a code,which may be on a Target AJ giftcard,or maybe in the wristbands.Before we continue,I will say that I will not continue the Quest demo series because I'm busy and I save my energy for my book series,Legends of Jamaal,which I never get time to type.I'm sorry,but this post is for the case of the snow leopards,which have a similar case compared to Arctic wolves.

 Case File #1

The hidden leopards

As you can see,this is a sample of the snow leopard.They have been seen around Jamaa as nonmembers or members.Some say they are on Target giftcards,but others insist that they are included with the new wristbands.The Jammers unlucky enough to have an early relase snow leopard have been in hiding ever since due to fame.Below are some pictures of snow leopards:

                      These are the actions,fellow Jammers....

        These are examples of nonmember snow leopards...

This is a picture of the snow leopard on the wristbad package...

This is the first snow leopard I saw,back then when they were thought to be pumas/cougars.
      It seems like when the snow leopard pattern was tested,the rhinos were quite allergic to it.It looked like hey were frozen in (select color) ice!!!What do you think,jammers??????The video above is of a snow leopard being mugged by a crowd.The animation is shaky,but now you can see the unfortunate fate of early release snow leopards. Could you spread the word about my blog and comment?I hope my blog grows popular!

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  1. Great stories. Break big paragraph into smaller ones will make your posting more reader friendly.


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