Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sir Gilbert's Curse, Part Two

The alphas invisibly pushed all the Jammers into the golden ring, and left Sophia there to keep order. Greely cast spells protecting the Jammers and preventing escape, and Graham uttered a single word to lock all the Jammer's dens just to protect their rares and valuables from phantom plunderers. Harper froze all of Jamaa, including the uncharted lands, to prevent the fire phantoms from gaining an advantage, and Ruby stomped the snow down for easy movement, which would aid only the alphas, for phantoms are aerial creatures. Edmund searched the tall places for hidden Jammers, and Otto pushing boulders onto the entrances into Jamaa. Cornelius made sure all the sea Jammers were safe by pushing them in the gaze of the seahorse statue(the gaze casts a protective force field).Sir Gilbert drew some battle lines, and Cosmo gave everyone Odawalla smoothies. Lisa led the defenders. Now, it was time to destroy the heat completely
"Freeze."Harper whispered, and the heat froze, flaming phantoms frozen inside. Then, they cranked the heat up, and got out of their cages. The battle was starting.
"Get ready, foolish alphas!" a small, normal phantom scout cried.All the alphas arrived, then the phantoms charged, if that was possible.
"Brisingr!" one would shout, and blue fire would be thrown at any alpha, but they would summon water and destroy a phantom.The battle moved from the township, to Appondale, to the Forgotten valley, to Mt. Shiveer, to Sarperia Forest, to Coral Canyons, to Crystal Sands, and then the lost Temple Of Zios, but the battle was always on the Jamaasian side. However, what bound the phantoms was that they feared Greely, and would not touch him, so he many a chance to hack them apart with black mist.
"Appear, tide!"Peck said as she finished painting a picture of the tide on her easel in the back, and the battle stopped. Then, the phantoms laughed.
"You are not one who can summon the spunky element of water, Peck, no matter how much it understands yo-" The laughter was cut short by water washing onto the phantoms, first calmly, then angrily, then as mad as a tsunami. The water ate the phantoms, but bended around the alphas to keep them dry. The water only spared the scout, who flew away angrily.
"WE DID IT!"Sir Gilbert roared in triumph, but then something weird happened. The same scout turned, and black tendrils of net came out of it's arms. Every tendril seemed to pay close attention to Sir Gilbert, and wrapped around him until he was only a black mummy of black mist. He screamed, then the tendrils fell, and he was in a deep sleep, like temporary death.Cosmo ran over to him, and tried every sleep spell he knew, but the curse was persistent.
"It is not over."the scout hissed, and his eye became serpentine. "I am a host of Apophis, and he wants to deliver a certain message." Now, the phantom flew away, and was replaced by a serpent so long his tail was dipping in the sea at the uncharted edge of Jamaa, which was pretty long. Apophis must've been smaller when the African alphas fought him, because they looked scared.
"You alphas are very silly, and I see that you have not found your hero yet."he hissed, which caused an earthquake. His yellow eyes flickered with hatred.
"Your time is nearly up, as most of Jamaa already has been converted into a modern world. If your hero never comes, what will you do? It is never too late to surrender. This land is lush, and would do well as an appetizer to my hunger for worlds. I want to return the world back to an endless sea, the way Jamaa was before Mira and Zios created the First World, Jamaa!"Apophis stared down at the alphas he could easily crush.
"You're crazy."Otto muttered."Ma'at is balance, not domination of evil or good. We still have evil in our world, but good keeps it in check, while evil keeps us in check."
Apophis looked amused."Very well, my little Moko, but you are a dumb one. The wise thing is to surrender." The serpent dissolved into ice shards, and the alphas were left to unfreeze Jamaa, let the Jammers out, find a cure for Sir Gilbert's sleep, and discuss the future of Jamaa.(The Spears Of Jamaa story was their prediction, although if we unite and defeat the evil, we can save Jamaa. We are Jamaa's only hope.)

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