Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cosmo's Academy

 Cosmo plucked a flower, and sniffed. Ah, was it good. The flower muttered beautiful songs that he would never forget...
"Um, Mr.Cosmo, aren't we supposed to be shearing the satyr?" his bright student Indiana asked him gently. Indiana was a young koala that didn't like the flowers she was supposed to pick in the fields, and wanted to travel Jamaa looking at exotic plants.
"Yes, I guess that the plants just wanted to sing me a song,"Cosmo said, getting out his silver shears and shearing the wool off the satyr. The satyr bleated. He didn't like shearing goats or the more intelligent satyrs, but he needed the wool to make them fleece jackets to study the red pandas on Mt. Shiveer.
 The duo sheared and sheared, letting the wool fall into woven grass baskets. The tropical rainforest, snowy woods, autumn trees and blooming flowers all in the sections around the center fountain danced to the tune of each snip. Cosmo had placed this greenhouse in the back of the alpha hut, where he could divert matter to make it within the redwoods north of Jamaa Township.
 Cosmo and his apprentice Indiana could talk to plants, and picked them after asking permission. Sometimes they spliced DNA to make a new plant, but Indiana didn't like this.
 "Mira is the one who should breed plants, not mortals,"Indiana always said, and Cosmo agreed, but Mira was too weak to do anything bigger than influencing Jamaasians, so they had to breed plants to supply more food to the growing nation of Jamaa.
 After they gathered three baskets of damp wool, they thanked the satyr for his patience, and the satyr wandered into the tropical rainforest. Cosmo and Indiana went into their small "hut" in the rainforest to make wool into proper fleece.

 They washed the fleece first, dipped it in pesticides and cleansing water to kill ticks and fleas, then got rid of the pesticide traces on the fleece. They wove it on the spindle to make soft wool, then sowed the fleece to a rag coat and tried them on.
 The fleece jackets fit perfectly.
 "So what now?" Indiana asked Cosmo. Cosmo led her out, and they walked along the raised wooden walkway around the rainforest, around the autumn woods, and into the snowy forest.
 The cold hit instantly, but the fleece made them feel like they were still in the rainforest. Ice specters cackled at their odd jackets, and threw icicles at them, but the magic of Cosmo's paws kept the jackets intact. When they arrived at the blossoming trees, they took the jackets off.
"Time to study the red pandas on the mountain?"Cosmo asked Indiana, in case she wanted some hot cocoa. Indiana smiled.
"Time to go, Mr.Cosmo,"she said. They teleported to the hot spring at top speed.

 Lava-heated water was nice, but they had a job to do. As Cosmo prepared the rope down the rocky slope of the mountain, Indiana took off her grass tunic and bathed in the water. She stared at the dinosaur frozen in the ice, back when Mira and Zios made Jamaa from the underwater depths of the sea.
"Cosmo, can we take the dinosaur out?"Indiana asked Cosmo.
"No, young Indiana, because the phantoms revived it from a fossil long ago, and tried to use it as a minion. However, it was weak, and they froze it in the ice. Now, it is strong, and it can destroy Jamaa."Cosmo said. Indiana nodded, and looked at the notes scribbled on the rocks instead.
 When the rope was ready, Indiana scrambled to dress, and tied herself to the rope. Cosmo was down below her, but he didn't mind smelling her sweaty paws. Cosmo was talking to the bamboo instead, telling it to bend so that they could see the red pandas. The bamboo bended as if an invisible paw were pulling it down, and the red pandas stared at them with wonder. Indiana was wonderstruck by the cuteness of the pandas, and was so curious about them that she actually listened to Cosmo's blathering about red pandas and bamboo and the delicate existence conjoining them!

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