Saturday, January 12, 2013

Greely's Observatory

This story takes place before Shade died, and is a very special one to Greely. Greely fans, I recommend this post for you.

Greely's Observatory

 by Amy Jiao

 Greely loved gazing up at the stars to look at Shade's deity, Moon, and knew well that she hosted Shade. However, he had to lie on the Temple of Zios grass to see the stars clearly, and the grass was withered from ages of dryness. So he decided to make an observatory up in the Chamber Of Knowledge. First, he gave the items on display there for Peck to replicate into den items, and moved the Elf Star into the storehouse of the Temple Of Trivia.
"I hope that a brave Jammer finds this star, and hides it somewhere else, as this is where all the amulets come from,"he wrote on the star, and slid it under the sand in the pool of sacred water inside the tree.
 Greely progressed to shaping out a staircase up to a small room with his mind, and smoothed out the ridges in the stairs. He then filled the room with Jamaasian artifacts, and a few telescope near a mirror for looking at the stars. He smiled, and opened the observatory to the public.

 Shade was overjoyed when she saw what Greely had done because of her, and told him that you could see Moon the freshest near her den in the Forgotten Valley. The next day, though, she was ambushed by phantoms who were against the Coraxese...

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