Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Phantom Scout!

Recognize this item? Yes, it is the frozen phantom, a den item many treasure. However, there is a dark story behind the sudden appearance of the item...

 The Phantom Scout

by Amy Jiao

 The little scout had led the fire trooper invasion, and hosted Apophis, but had failed to succeed in his mission. His peers still looked up to him, but the phantom rulers, as Apophis split in two, weren't happy that they had to deliver a defeat threat.
"Little one, wash the dishes with lava!"they would scream at him after meals, and one of his peers would try to take the job, but the rulers were persistent. 
"Little one, you must do the laundry in the Zios river!"they ordered him now. He  took all the armor and robes, and washed the fabric gently in the river cave, only lizards and spiders daring to live this far in. A few water striders and toads swam around him, and suddenly all the animals fled. 
"Huh?"he asked the air, but it felt like his voice was lost in a bog, and when he tried to run, he was trapped by the bog as icy zombies gripped him. Icy? Frost covered him, and his legs went numb. Greely, Amelia, Marco and Harper stood triumphantly in front of him.
"You cannot freeze me! The laundry isn't done!"he shouted as the ice covered his eye, and he attached to the wall.
"Nice work."Amelia told Greely, Marco and Harper.
"That was a rockin' couples night, Amelia."Harper whispered.
Greely touched the ice with his paw, and white DNA seemed to flow in his leg. Then, he closed his eyes, and made a duplicate of the scout.
“We shall make these den items for the Jammers."Greely said, and the others nodded. However, the phantom scout had a trick up his sleeve, if he had any.
 Red rays were fired from his eye, and the cave started to collapse.
"Run!"Amelia shouted, and they needed no reminders, for boulders were coming down faster than Superman could fly. The alphas barely made it out of the cave before the boulders blocked off most of the river, and it froze. 
"Tell the alphas what happened! I need to cast a complicated spell to contain the river's banks!"Greely shouted as the river started to flood the temple. Amelia looked reluctant, but the three teleported away. Greely chanted a long spell to contain the river, and slid into Brady Barr's lab in exhaustion, falling asleep. He would later rejoin the alphas, though, and they would continue their mission to destroy the phantoms.

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