Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Door

The phantoms boarded up the door as Miroza pounded on the door.

"She'll never escape."the phantoms cackled. The golden heron stared at her small room, with a well, a simple nest, some pictures of her parents, Mira and Zios, and her egg in one corner, and a computer with no communication with the world locks, and a TV. She sat down on her carpet, and sighed. Miroza sighed, and stared at the replica of Zios's mask on her ceiling with an astronomy map. She was imprisoned just because she was the descendant of Mother and Father Sky, and she had control over the skies. Miroza pecked at the door with her pure gold beak, to no avail.
"I guess that I must sleep, for my life is useless,"she sighed, and closed her eyes. She became a statue, and her aura warned the alphas of her imprisonment. Since Mira and Zios had a child before he was corrupted, the Alphas had raised her, and were shocked to find her as  a statue. Cosmo sighed, and placed an old tree over the prison.
"We have no chance to save her without Mira's help,"he said, looking at the stone that was Mira. He threw the stone at the door, and it creaked open, showing the contents and Miroza's statue, but it shut before even Greely could slip in. The stone returned to Cosmo's paw
"Leave a note that tells a careful Jammer Miroza's story and what to do to revive her in the lock,"he told Lisa, and she quickly wrote on a slip of parchment produced from her belt, and slipped it in the door. The alphas did a silent prayer that she would be revived, and went to their duties.


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