Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 The day was young, but the day was already gnarled, as Fate always did.
Every slab of meat the Alphas placed on the board seemed too sour or not tender enough, and Sir Gilbert was repulsed every time he taste-tested the meat. Amelia didn't know what was the best meat to feed a dragon.
"Why can't we just go to Puff?"Peck whined after a few hours of trial and error.
"I guess... let's go to the Forgotten Valley. Mira has detected his presence there,"Lisa sighed. All the Alphas teleported to the valley.

There, Puff was licking his talons free of grass. The Frost Dragon was surprised at the Alpha's sudden appearance.
Lisa held up her paw, and waves of pink light spouted from it. Puff struggled against his bonds as the pink rope held tight to his white body, but soon he tired and slumped.
Each pink rope dissolved into his body, and Puff fell down with a mighty roar, to sleep for all time.
"Where will we keep him?" Harper asked Lisa. A large lump of scales would take up a lot of space, and most of Jamaa's lands were already full. The Forgotten Valley wasn't really a good place, since many animals lived here, and the Ice Palaces of the Coraxese would just leave his family to mourn over his death.
"To the Ice Palaces Of the Coraxese, we have to go, because a warrior lets his opponents pay respects to their dead," Sir Gilbert said, and raced up the mountains to the north. The Alphas had no choice but to follow.
Getting there wasn't a problem. Finding Puff's family was.
Lisa planned to keep Puff back in the valley before she had to summon him, but her energy was slowly drained by trudging through bitter cold snow. Then, a few proud elder dragons stomped lazily out behind a keep. If they hadn't been hunting, they would have squashed the Alphas flat.
"Hellllooo, little onnnnessss."the elders said, half-hissing, half-whispering.
Lisa wasn't scared by their raspy voices, and said bravely,
"We have brought Puff for you, O Mighty Ones," Lisa summoned Puff, and the elders were taken aback.
"You dare hurt our ambasssaador?" the elders growled, their eyes narrowing to slits.
"Uh oh," Marco squeaked. The two elders were oversize, and Marco didn't want to become Marco the Pancake.

 Both elders reared up, and more dangerous icefire blasted at mach speed from their mouths than Puff's. Harper used a shield of ice to block it, but she barely held it up during the duration of the blast. Finally, she was able to blast the ice shield into the elder's faces, but it took precious time.
"Fine, we shall bury him alive, and pay respects that someday he shall wake up. However, little Alphas-" the elder hissed the word "Alpha" as if they were scum-"-it is dangerous that you have made such an ancient enemy, and any Dragon cannot forget a rivalry. Go for now, but we shall wreak havoc upon Jamaa!"
On that happy note, the elders blasted the Alphas back to their puny little hut.

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