Monday, December 24, 2012

Otto's Final Battle

Chapter One

Otto had no idea that what Ruby said could make all the tribes want to fight the others, but Apophis must've been around, because the battle was chaotic.Giraffes smacked rhinos on the head, rhinos charged elephants, elephants treaded on crocodiles, and crocodiles bit giraffes.Otto took some of Moko's powers and calmed his tribe, but Apophis's influence was too strong to fully overcome.He spotted his bestfriend Kokopellan try to stop a rhino from barreling over a giraffe,but he intercepted the blow instead."Kokopellan!"he cried sadly."R-remember my sacrifice to stop Ruby from killing Edmund."Otto realized that if Kokopellan hadn't intercepted the charge, Edmund and the giraffe  tribe would've gone FLUSH. Amilky substance covered Kokopellan's eyes, and Otto did a quick battle funeral his father had taught him.Now, the battle was getting worse. Blood stained the oasis,and dead animals lay on the ground everyone."So many dead..."he whimpered.Then rage overcame him.Why did Apophis had to sacrifice so many minions to take over Africa?!?Why did he have to kill Kokopellan, a good warrior?!?He was lifted up as he was united with Moko's body completley, and his mermories flowed into Moko's as two streams of memories united.He had summoned a battle avatar to calm everyone and find Apophis.

Chapter Two

 Everyone was suprised when they saw his combat avatar,and kneeled.Nobody hesitated to pay their respects to the image of Moko.Even the fierce chief Ruby kneeled,and stopped fighting."Apophis is rising!"he shouted,and his voice was amplified."Brisingr!"A fire helephant appeared next to him,and lifted up all of the tribes easily."We must head north to the sea,then battle Apophis."It didn't take long, since helephants can step a mile at a time, and they set the tribes down at the sea.At first,nothing happened,but then the sea began to bubble. A yellow eye appeared below the surface, then a grey serpent spiraled out of the water untill it was as tall as Mount Everest, and that was only 1/4 of his height.Otto noticed that Apophis was crafted out of foul thoughts, and every time somebody in Africa thought a foul thought,he grew an inch taller.Apophis flicked his tongue,and Otto saw that it was crafted out of blood from the oasis."CHHAAAARGE!"Otto ordered the tribes.They reluctantly dove into the Duat, a sea of magic lands underneath the real world,and whacked Apophis in different layers of it.Otto battled the head of Apophis in the real world as it was weakened by battling others in the Duat.

Chapter Three

 He charged the head,then when it tried to spit acid on him,he flipped over it's head and drove his spear into Apophis's head, then landed on the sea.He stood on the water as Apophis blindly turned around,looking for him.Otto knew that he had shut some nerves down in his head,as nerves and ichor poured from the wound.Eww.He shot an arrow into Apophis's mouth as it turned toward him,but he forgot to shift position to make sure that the serpent didn't sense him.Apophis leered,then spit some dark energy onto Otto.The avatar protected him,but he grew weaker,especially since moving in the avatar was like moving with a mattress glued to his back. "AI-YAH!"he shouted as he dove below the surface.It took a while, but he found Apophis's tail,a fluffy point with a poisonous thorn.He grabbed the tail,careful to avoid the thorn,then started wrapping it around Apophis.Apophis must've realzied what Moko was up to, since he started to thrash and pull Moko onto land,but he was determined to finish the job.After what was like six tiring hours, he finally tied Apophis into a knot,and threw him into the sky.The other chiefs popped out of the Duat, and he used his energy to make them custom battle avatars."Thanks, man!"Ruby said as she watched the Apophis knot fly out of sight.But then,the knot fell back down,and Apophis hissed."That was foolish,young hero."Apophis glared at Edmund,and he was blasted backward.He did the same to Ruby, then Cornelius,untill only Otto was left.Anger welled up inside him."You #$%$#@#$$%  serpent!"he shouted at Apophis.The serpent leered at him.

Chapter Four

 Otto should've been worried,but he was angry at Apophis for shrugging off his allies."I SHALL PUMMEL YOU, STUPID SERPENT OF CHAOS!"Otto shouted."AAAAAAH!"He summoned all of his spirit, and stomped on Apophis.The other chiefs joined in,devoting as much life force as they had.Apophis screamed,and dissipated.However,the struggle was enough to shatter them.Their tribes gathered to gather their pieces as the great chiefs died to restore order.However,they did not die, as they became alphas. Read the next story to find out what happens...

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