Thursday, January 3, 2013

Part 3

Greely wept, touching Shade's face and licking her soiled pelt. Her eyes were anguished, as if she was in a nightmare currently.
"She is in a permanent coma, and cannot be normally awoken."Zios's voice spoke in his mind.
"Go away!"he cried to nobody in particular.The connection was sliced in anger.Greely mixed all the ingredients, and hesitated when he was going to slip Shade inside the crystal vial.
"Good night."he whispered in her ear. Shade was sucked into the vial as he corked it.He used magic to shake it, for he had no thumbs, and then concentrated, tapping into his magic reserves, for it takes much mana to summon a primary element. The fire inside the cosmos above him twisted, but had no choice but to bend to his will. Greely directed the fire toward the vial.
 Fire struck the vial, but some hit the carpet, and lit it. He summoned water, but that wasn't enough. Green mist rose from the fire. He had summoned Greek Fire, a substance Lisa had banned for it's dangerous uses.Shade was revived, but she was still asleep. Fire curled up the room, and burned down the door, spreading into the other rooms.
"NOOOOO!"he shouted as the alphas tried to douse it to protect their rooms.
"It's Greek Fire!"They looked shocked, but looked at Shade's body laid on his back, and knew what had happened.
"We need more plans to defeat these phantoms, you shouldn't have done this!"Cosmo scolded him.
Marco nodded."Very unwise, Greely." For once, Greely felt mad.
" Don't blame me!"he screamed."Zios put her to sleep, and he manipulated me to do this!"
The other alphas, all except for Sir Gilbert, looked like he had just suggested that Mira was an evil creature.
"Zios would never do such a thing." Cornelius snarled."Are you trying to turn us AGAINST Mira?"Greely teleported outside, and so did the other alphas.
"I am not!"he shouted at Cornelius."If you had shut up, I could've banished the Greek fire!"
Cornelius looked like he wanted to strangle Greely, but even a dummy could know that he was right. Cornelius had been harsh, since Zios must've been traumatized by being possessed by Apophis and still couldn't tell what was good or bad.The alphas watched helplessly as the Greek Fire burned their hut to ashes, then rose to the cosmos again with a full belly.
"Do not fear, I shall help you."a familiar voice said. The shimmering spirit of Mira flapped down from the cosmos, making Lisa feel relieved, as Greely knew, as he scanned her mind. The usual wards weren't up, for she was too busy talking to Mira about what happened.
"Greely, you will not be punished, as you had succeeded in something the best sorcerers only dream of. I shall reward you with this potion."Mira said. A potion floated down from the heavens, and poured itself into Shade's mouth. Nothing happened.
"...Of course, she'll awaken in a week, since the spell was pretty strong."Cosmo said. Amelia nuzzled Greely, calming him.Mira flapped her wings, and every tidbit of the hut reassembled.
"Thank you,"all the alphas told Mira before they rebuilt what they lost.

 The End of the Beginning...

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