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 The Spirit Stones were created by the gods, polished by the elves. Once, every animal was free to roam Jamaa, but then the phantoms came from where Mira wept, and at first not even the Alphas knew what they were. All the Alphas coming from foreign or faraway regions, they still had to get settled down as Shamans/Alphas before they could fight, and many were lost. However, here is the story of the Spirit Stones...

 Spirit Stones

 By Amy Jiao (or AJthewriter)

 Mira had given all the spirit stones to the good Jamaasians when the Shamans became Alphas, and because of this there were animals steadily created, unlike Mira's pawcrafted animals. The stones had been mined in the mountains, where the magic heart of the earth influenced minerals, and they had been jam-packed with unlimited spirits. Every stone was polished, with runes on each spelling the animal name and a crude drawing of them. Rams and whales, wolves and crabs, leopards and vultures alike roamed the lands, and even the brutish moles and the arrogant goats walked with the Jamaasian animals. There were even spirit stones for plants, and all the stones were kept deep inside the earth to preserve Jamaa's glory.
 One day, though, Sir Gilbert slew Zios in body, hence Mira cried in grief. The dark "tears", made of the fabric of time, became the beasts called phantoms. They were timeless, dying only when they were unable to survive their battle wounds. Before they could invade, though, they traveled through the sewers to get to the Spirit Vault. Here is a story about the robbery...

 Greely and Sir Gilbert were on guard duty that damp night, and they couldn't stop arguing about battle tactics.
"We fight these 'phantoms' by evaluating their devious plans, then bribing an important leader of the plan to turn against them!" Greely snapped at Sir Gilbert.
"What if we fail? Then we would need to use my plan of advancing and attacking quickly and recklessly, which is BETTER!"Sir Gilbert argued.
"Shush, you're scaring the spirit stones," Amelia snapped at them, her eyes boring into their hearts like an evil math teacher.
"Yes, ma'am," they squeaked, slinking back to guard the spiked door. Amelia sighed, and licked her paw. Suddenly, an ominous feel came over her.
"The phantoms are here!" she yelled, nose picking up the scent of grief and anger, the tears of Mira. Greely and Gilbert rushed to her side.
"See, there are no phantoms," Greely laughed, only to falter when a cyclop-eyed creature emerged, black as the night sky.

 The next few minutes were bloody and hopeless, as there were trillions of phantoms advancing. Blood, ichor, flesh and dust poured on the hot rock, yet the three alphas were losing. Soon, the trio fell to the rock as a phantom general stabbed their hearts, leaving them in critical condition. All the spirit stones except for the wolf, tiger, koala, monkey, and panda Spirit Stones were stolen and cast across the land, but by the time the phantoms had arrived the plant spirit stones had been shipped to Cosmo for study...
 When Sir Gilbert, Amelia and Greely told Lisa what happened, she was devastated and ordered them to look for spirit stones regularly after the war.
 So when they won the war, the animals lived in peace for a long time before Animal Jam went into beta, when the phantoms came back and stole all but three lands. As for the bunny spirit stone, Peck had found it in her colored sand when Mira had came to recruit her.

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