Monday, December 31, 2012

Harper's and Marco's Relationship

The two alphas are very different, as Marco is bold and clever, while Harper is shy and sly.However, just like how Amelia and Greely like each other, the two match...

Their Date

by Amy Jiao

 Harper liked Marco ever since he appeared on the beach, which said a lot, since he had been an alpha for two months now. She would start flirting whenever he walked into sight, which must've made him think she was always obnoxious,since he started to ignore her. Amelia told her not to worry, since Greely did the same to her, but Harper wasn't so sure. She was a quiet alpha, one who hated smalltalk and often stole one of Cosmo's books just to research frost flowers and even tricked Graham into giving her a woodchopper, which she used to chop an ice sculpture so good that Mira gave her a merit ribbon. All the girl alphas except for Ruby had the ability of charmspeak, and Harper was no exception. She even convinced a phantom to give her a map of the new phantom base(Marco had destroyed their first one) to foil their new plan to keep Peck hostage. Now, her biggest worry was attracting Marco. 
"Yoo-hoo!" she shouted to Marco. He turned."Do you want to see The Avengers tonight in the cienma?"
"Sure."he said. Harper squealed with delight. Marco raised an eyebrow, but waddled to see Otto for some parchment. She went back to her room, and told her mom she needed some gems.
"Okay, Harper."she said, and pressed her flipper against a panel. It scanned her paw, then opened a glove compartment for a pouch of a hundred gems.
"What is it for, anyway?"her mom asked her as she went  to Marco's room to deposit fifty gems into his piggy bank and leave a note telling him what it was for."Marco and I are going to see Avengers."she said.
"What is it rated?""PG-13.""Fine, since you're sixteen. Next time, couldn't you just watch Brave, Wreck-it-Ralph, or Rise Of the Guardians?""Mom!"Harper sighed, then went into the bathroom and styled her fur.

That night, the two went into the movie theater and reserved two front-row tickets for Avengers.
"Well, it is Couple Friday."the ratty old lion in the booth said, and gave them a coupon on popcorn. They spent it. Marco chose a large, blue towel to lie on, and they waited for the ads for the Medical Center (the alphas did all their dating before they returned to Jamaa after three years of fading away), Club Geoz and the Shiveer Shoppe before the movie started. Midway through, their flippers touched.
"That's my popcorn!"Marco growled.
"Mine!"Harper shot back. Just as they started to wrestle like Captain America and Hulk, Harper brought Marco in for a kiss square on the beak. Love sparked, and they watched the rest of the movie while gawking at each other.

 The End of the Beginning...of Love. 

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