I Support The Jamaasian Movement, But It's TOO Late to participate

The Jamaasian Movement

It's weird that I posted about the Jamaasian Movement like four months late, but I found this on Snowyclaw's blog so I decided to post anyway. The ambition is to revive Jamaa's legends,not revive Beta. I mean,we don't even know what animal Zios was!

Now isn't that sad????But here is another thing: a lot of new Animal Jam items are HUMANOID!!!!!I mean,many people came to AJ to be an animal!Same for me!!!What an outrage!!!!I agree with you Snowyclaw, those people who came here on Animal Jam probably don't know Jamaasian legends and lore!I'm sorry if I'm throwing random stuff at you,I have strong feelings about AJ*sniffs*. For the original article I took the picture and ideas from keep reading.

 Hey jammers. Many may have over-thought the goal of the Jamaasian Movement recently, and some hate the Jamaasian Movement for these made-up goals. This post is to set everything straight, and hopefully outline what I was hoping to do in our future. I'd love to hear opinions and ideas.The Jamaasian Movement is about naming the shamans. That's our first goal. It's still in progress. With the naming of the horse, penguin and fox shamans it appears we're really making a difference. The stand is not over though, we still need to tell AJHQ the unnamed giraffe shaman matter.
If you'd like to contribute to the naming of the shamans click here. Even those who've already submitted their words to AJHQ could do it again, I certainly will. We can't give up until they are all named! Without support this will die, I need your help.

The Jamaasian Movement is NOT about bringing back beta. We simply can't bring back beta - it was a short testing period during the summer of 2010. It's gone. No matter how much we want it, beta will never return. Only creative elements of beta can come back. We can only look to the future of Jamaa.

Some may say - "It's just a game." It IS an online game, but it's also an escape. An escape from the everyday world for over six million around the world. A fun place for all ages to socialize and just have some simple fun. The problem is, the fun is getting too simple. Too easy. Too normal. Gems, tickets, rares.

We're losing our creativity; the stories and history of Jamaa are disappearing. The game is losing it's depth. Do we want Animal Jam to be like all the other games out there? Do we want another ordinary game? Isn't imagination a key part of Jamaa?
 I hope you stuck with me through this wordy post, I know it probably isn't what you came to Animal Jam Phantom Breeder Club for. Thanks for all support to the Jamaasian Movement, happy jamming.

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