Friday, January 25, 2013

Plans and Ideals Part Two

(P.S. Sorry guys that this post was overdue! I was busy and had no inspiration for the few days I stayed away from my blog. Get ready, Greely fans, because he may disappear from the blog for a while...)

 "How are we going to rescue Otto?" Amelia asked Harper, horrified by Apophis's cruelty.
" We have to cut open Apophis's belly to reach him. No rescuing the other alphas, or we may set off the alarm. No even rescuing Marco and Greely." Harper whispered, careful not to let their captors overhear. Amelia winced at the thought of ichor and phantom gunk (Apophis regularly ate his old minions) pouring on her beautiful orange fur, not that she cared, but it would take three hours to wash off the stench.
 "Ready?" Harper asked her.
"Ready when you are," Amelia answered. As usual, she made the mistake of being bold. Harper teleported before she could finish her sentence, and she barely had time to correspond before Harper's spell to make the phantoms think  they had been taken out by their comrades lock her in.
" Get your claws ready," Harper instructed her. Even though Amelia had been with the Alphas just as long, Harper was more powerful and a better expert on serpents. Amelia unsheathed her claws, and Harper did the same. Apophis was curled up in sleep ahead of them, completely unaware of his attackers. Before they cut him, though, some phantoms saw them and shouted," Intruders! Secure all exits, Roger it!" Amelia sighed, and they both lunged fearlessly.
 As Amelia had imagined, ichor and gunk poured on them, but also some of Apophis's innards. They had just enough time to melt Otto's prison with a Brisingr spell before Apophis's belly sealed over as more foul thoughts came into being. Apophis growled, and Greely's case came into his mouth.
"Hand over my little Moko, or HE dies!" Apophis snarled. The other Alphas were now freed and fought the phantoms, but apparently Greely was still in his dreamless sleep.
"Don't hand Otto over, he wants to manipulate you. We will revive him later," Harper assured Amelia. Amelia was brought to tears by how somber Greely's expression was.
"G-Greely, I'll bring you back..." she choked, staring at the bloody ground. Apophis's jaws closed in around Greely, and the wolf was blasted to nothing. The floor cracked around them, and Amelia sobbed her heart out as they came back to the Soup Day table, one alpha gained and one lost forever.

 To Be Ended Happily, Someday....

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