Sunday, January 27, 2013

Awakening The Bane

Amelia awoke on a bamboo cot. Greely stared down at her, with a normal Greely expression on his face.
"Greely! You're alive!"Amelia shouted, tackling him in a bear hug. As usual, she punched the night out of him, and he coughed up a star.
"Jeez, Amelia, when will you ever learn?"Greely grumbled, but Amelia knew he wasn't angry. She smiled innocently.
"Let me fill you in on what happened since I was reborn,"Greely said, his face turning dead serious. Amelia listened carefully.
"Zios locked me in the cage, but Cosmo managed to get me out of the case after you came back. Sir Gilbert yanked you too hard, and you fell into a deep sleep for a week. However, since I was reborn from your heart, I will die shortly afterward you die. Be careful, Amelia, especially since we have no descendants  Seth is dead, you know."Greely warned her. Amelia shuddered.
"Well, true love always ties with a destiny bond in those old Jamaa romance movies,"Amelia said.
"And after that, both lovers die. I'm serious, Amelia, be careful out there. The destiny bond still works reverse, if I die again, you will be plunged into insanity."Greely said, his tone growing more serious. Amelia nodded. With that happy note, Greely merged with the shadows as he went over the plans. Greely always did that since he was already partly insane...

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