Monday, January 28, 2013

Son Of Heroes

 Today was the day the alphas were supposed to lure Puff in. However, Sir Gilbert needed to find Parlan a companion so that he could stay away from the initial battle and be safe while not being bored.
So he went to the Pillow Room, where some Jammers were holding an adoption center.
There, there were crying babies, dogs with broken legs, and even a seal that was living in a cage. Sir Gilbert felt pity for all of them, but he knew that they would all get good homes. He was sure.
In a corner, a snow leopard was playing chess with the mice sadly. However, Sir Gilbert sensed he was special the moment he moved a piece. Instead of reaching a paw out to move the piece by impaling the hole inside the piece on his claw and dropping it, he opened up his paw to let some mist move the piece. His queen went  across the board, and helped the rook he already had in place to checkmate the king. The mice squeaked in anger when they saw they lost.
"Young lad, why are you here?" Sir Gilbert asked the small snow leopard. The leopard looked alarmed, and tried to escape to no avail. Gilbert just held him down with a single paw.
" Young one, I am the tiger alpha. You seem to possess some good chess skill there. Say, I have a young apprentice around your age who would like a companion. Would you like to be adopted by one of Jamaa's most important tigers?" Sir Gilbert asked him.
"Uh, sure. My parents were taken by phantoms, I'm afraid they are coming back from the uncharted lands.  My name is Zion. Parlan plays chess, doesn't he." Zion said. Sir Gilbert had no idea how he knew Parlan's favorite hobby, but took his scruff in his jaws and carried him over to the cashier and the social worker.
"I would like to adopt Zion, please."Sir Gilbert said, and gave them a thousand gems. He signed some papers with his pawprint, then turned to the seal in the cage.
"Why is the seal in an enclosure?" Gilbert asked the social worker.
"Well, we found this orphan in a circus, but he seemed to like his cage so we brought him over here. Our orphans are treated like family, you know." the social worker said.
 Soon, they were back in Sir Gilbert's jungle room, where Parlan was waiting while swimming in the river-themed pool.
"Parlan, this is Zion. Zion, this is Parlan. Now, why don't you too play a match of chess,"Sir Gilbert said. Zion summoned a chessboard, and Sir Gilbert lay on his hammock while watching their heated battle.

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