Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Elves


 See what these items are? Yes, they are Elf Tail Armor, crafted especially by the elves of Jamaa. They are now extinct, but here is the story of the star they created when they died out...


 The Elves

 by Amy Jiao

 The elves are an intelligent race, as Lisa knew very well, although the phantoms stole from them frequently. They loved jewels, and valued mining talent. Now, Lisa sat at her magic campfire telling young Jammers the story, as their legacy had long faded.
"Listen closely, little ones, as I will tell you more later."Lisa told them. The young Jammers watched their marshmallows cook, and listened.
"A long time ago, before the First Phantom War, Mira and Zios created this land. They created animals and plants, but were unhappy to see that nothing had a talent for crafting metal, and the metals they had lovingly molded out of nothingness sat unused under the earth. So they created the elves, and placed them in the Forgotten Valley, where metal creeps  through every crevice. They taught the elves how to mine, and how to sew, abilities any Jammer would've sat and begged for. Soon, the elves were prosperous, and frequently gave the Jamaasians and Coraxese elf armor, and taught them how to bend steel, and craft hammers of rock and bone to mine minerals. The races all lived in peace, and would often argue over elf material playfully. But then Zios died, and Mira cried the phantoms into existence. Since the elves crafted armor, the phantoms targeted them first. The elves were strong, but the phantoms eventually overtook them. The phantoms stole all their armor, and put it on to gain much power. As the elves lay bloody and dying, their essence  became a blue star of  turquoise and was laid in the Chamber Of Knowledge in their memory, near all the valued artifacts. But when Greely created the observatory(long story, next post will account it), the artifacts near the star became den items."
Lisa used her powers to show Mira flapping in the campfire flames, and the young ones gasped.
"So what happened to the star?"a clan apprentice asked her, but with the persistence of a Warrior.
Lisa cleared her throat, and held up a sapphire amulet hung around her neck.
"Greely loved the elves, and moved the star into the depths of the Wisdom tree, the tree in the Temple Of Trivia. He duplicated the star, and had Graham award the replicas to smart Jammers who played in the temple's contests, for the elves also valued intelligence."Lisa said. The sun started to rise, and her form started to flicker.
"Goodbye, young ones, and come back here at dusk to hear another story."she said. The sun rose fully, and the young Jammers were left gawking at the pink mist rising into the sky, to come back as Lisa every dusk.

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