Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sir Gilbert's Curse

It was another normal day in Jamaa. Jammers walked around Jamaa, a few clans met in the woods, and everyone was slapping on sunblock. Why? Because there was a small heatwave, of course! The alphas walked along the beach, invisibility cloaks on, sipping some of Cosmo's lemonade, all the lemons from his garden. However, the phantoms were planning another attack under Zios's statue, when all of Jamaa was on summer vacation.
"Marco beat the hell out of us when we nearly destroyed Jamaa!"one phantom groaned, his arm still in a sling.
"But now they're on vacation, so they won't have time to respond!"the phantom queen said, kicking a pebble. The phantoms nodded.
"That's why I summoned the fire phantoms to make a gentle heatwave, because they can use the heat to slip inside Jamaasian borders."the phantom king added.
A phantom scout raised his arm.
"YES?"the phantom queen roared.
"The Jammers don't believe in Jamaasian culture anymore, they believe in rare items and roleplaying."the scout said timidly. The phantom queen's eye formed a smile shape, which was the phantom version of a grin.
"Then they'll have no idea what is happening, and scatter!"she said."You shall be able to attack!"
The scout beamed proudly, and his friends glared at him with jealousy. To be able to attack in a secret mission was a golden trophy for any phantom.
"We must get our fire troopers ready."she ordered her generals.
"Yes, ma'am." they said, like perfect minions. The blazing phantoms appeared, and the little scout joined them proudly.
"Let's get snapping."the phantom king said next to her, and the phantoms became the blazing heat.

 Harper shivered, and the alphas stopped throwing around a Zios themed beach ball.
"What's wrong?"Lisa asked her.
"The air is if the phantoms are coming..."she whispered, then fainted. Marco caught her, and carried her onto the beach. Cosmo sniffed the air, and frowned.
"The plants here aren't responding to my precense that much anymore... something is wrong. They're hiding from their guardian."he muttered. Lisa couldn't help but admire his determined look.Greely sniffed the air, too.
"I smell evil darkness somewhere nearby, the phantoms are here."he said, in a gruff voice. Graham stared at the air with his steampunk goggles, turned a crank a bit, then yelped. The alphas stared at him.
"Have you lost it, Graham?"Peck chuckled."Your ideas of molding all the steel below the Temple of Zios must be scaring you."
"P-phantoms@!"he yelped."@... all around Jamaa! They're traveling by heat wave!!" Graham was always correct, and even though his ideas of square roots and fractions were confusing, and his idea of getting something done was quite different, the alphas trusted him. Sir Gilbert and Greely both looked like they were brainstorming a brilliant plan, then looked at each other, and realized they were doing the same thing, and proceeded to strangle each other. Lisa splashed over to them, trying to break up the fight. Amelia looked aggravated.
"STOP!"she yelled at both Gilbert and her boyfriend. Greely looked confused.
"You're not doing anything! For once, make a plan together and get rid of your rivalry! Otherwise, the phantoms could steal away all the Jammers, and we would have to rebuild."she told them. Suprisingly, her charmspeak worked, and Lisa glared at her in jealousy. Amelia stuck her tongue  out at her. All the other alphas knew that both Greely and Sir Gilbert loved her, so they would die to listen to her, but Lisa was too angry to consider that. Marco, meanwhile was brainstorming with no interruptions, while Cosmo walked over to Harper to heal her.
"Guys, I've got a plan."Marco said, readjusting his paper sailor's hat. The alphas huddled close, all except for Harper, to listen to his plan.
To be continued...

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