Saturday, January 12, 2013

Peck's Pottery

 Peck liked making pottery for Graham to store his tools in, as she made odd shapes of pots just for him. She also liked making pots for Cosmo, as they had to have labels of various plants, and she would paint the picture of the plants instead.Cosmo loved her work, and so she created pots for anyone who paid her enough gems. One day, Amelia asked her if she ever put her work on display.
"No,"Peck said, laughing."They are my work, and you have to pay me at least 750 gems for one." Amelia didn't look very happy. 
"Well, then I will get you back!"Amelia snarled."Such beautiful pottery must be displayed."

 After that, barely anyone came to Peck in her art studio for pots, and each day Peck thought it was a slow day. However, after two years only ten customers came.
"Could it be Amelia's fabled curse?"she wondered."After all, she is famous for her cursed vow, and learned the art of curse."Peck knew that that was true, and started to shape pots to hang in the canyon. She gathered wet sand from the riverbank,dyed it, and spun it into pots. Soon, she was ready to hang her pots on lines of thick rope.
"Close Sesame!"she shouted, and everyone was blocked off from the canyon. She strung the pots, and tied each end of each rope to a small alcove in the rock. She moved onto Coral Canyons, and soon Peck had displayed all the pots.
But she wasn't done, however. She painted the next batch of pots with runes and rare dyes, and crafted a small lean-to near the "bridge", and lay all the pots on a wool cloth.
"Open Sesame!"Peck shouted, and everyone was let in again. The Jammers streamed in to buy pottery, and gawked at her work. Peck grinned, and called out to Amelia, if she could hear her:
"I feel better now that everyone can buy my work and observe!"

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