Monday, January 28, 2013


 Melissa is a mysterious one of the Coraxese, and she suddenly appeared in the Ice Palaces of the Coraxese one day. Who is the antlered wolf, and what is her story?

 The Phantom King watched his subjects carefully, squinting in the bright light streaming down the Zios pit.
"How will we destroy Jamaa?" a war veteran asked him, all his legs in casts. The Phantom King grumbled.
"Last time, Marco destroyed our volcano base, now we have many injured phantoms." The Phantom King grumbled again, making his body vibrate.
He saw the younger phantoms shivering in the bitter cold. A puff of snow fell down, and he got an idea.
"Get the ice troopers out! They will ride the snow, and infiltrate the filthy borders of Jamaa! Get them out NOW!" he demanded. The veteran bowed, and hundreds of ice phantoms appeared at his will, and they dissipated to ride the wind. The Phantom King reached to link arms with the Phantom Queen, and they cackled together as they felt the phantoms ride farther and farther out...

 Melissa was bored, bored, bored and bored. She even thought that she could paint Jamaa orange, but that was Peck's idea. Melissa didn't even have charmspeak or any authority that would make the helicopter pilots do her bidding.
 She juggled oranges, whacked the palm trees, checked the pots for rainwater, even dove down the cliff into the sea, but nothing was satisfying  Then again, being a Coraxese outcast that was overshadowed by Shade, nothing was right in life. The riots had forced her into Coral Pathways, where nobody dared hunt because of the twisters that prowled the land. Besides, there were a lot of oddities in the other Jamaa lands, she would rather hide in a place not accessible by teleporting. Besides, it was a link between Crystal Sands and Coral Canyons, just like she was a link between the Coraxese and the Jamaasians. A puny, simple, link.
 Melissa thought she heard something.
"You're not going to get me, twister!" she shouted. No reply.
That was odd for Melissa, since she expected the winds to emerge from the trees and chase her. But instead, her powers as an antlered wolf let her see the frost phantoms riding on snow invisibly. Melissa had to do something, or Jamaa would be destroyed!Besides, something was wrong if she saw snow in the most humid and hot place in Jamaa so far.
"Hey, dingy spiders!" she shouted at the snow.
"Mft?" a frost phantom puffed, and emerged just long enough for Melissa to impale it on her antlers. The essence of the phantom peeled away to rejoin the fabric of time. This angered it's allies, and Melissa ran away laughing. As she wanted, the phantoms followed her.
 At that moment, the Alphas were enjoying some time in the Coral Canyons river, playing with the cool water and fishing for harmless fish. Just then, Melissa zipped by with frost phantoms chasing her.
"Did I just see an antlered wolf being followed by frost phantoms?" Graham asked himself. "I must be crazy."
"Well, it is. ALL JAMMERS, STAY INSIDE AND CLOSE THE WINDOWS. LIGHT A FIRE AND KEEP WARM. I REPEAT, ALL JAMMERS STAY INDOORS AND LIGHT A FIRE."Lisa shouted. The Jammers had no idea what she meant, but went to their dens anyway especially since it was bitter cold.
 Melissa was pursed by all the ice troopers, and was chased as far north as the Ice Palaces of the Coraxese. There, she made her last stand as an antlered wolf.
 As Melissa lay dying, the alphas arrived and finished the frost phantoms off. Even Cosmo's best medicines couldn't heal her, and Graham chanted a spell.
"Melissa, you shall be preserved in rock in Coral Pathways. When trouble is caused here, your spirit will defend the Coraxese." Graham said, and Melissa rose up into the stars, and a new painting was created. To this day, Graham seems to like retelling her story with mist and a campfire.

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