Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cosmo's Candies

Cosmo is a herbologist, yet he likes cooking. Here is a tale about his candy shop in the Township, hidden inside Club Geoz...

 Cosmo's Candies

 by Amy Jiao

Chapter One

 "Stop munching on the plate!" Lisa scolded Cosmo as he dug into his enchiladas. He was a big eater, which Peck disliked since she had to go forage more, as Cosmo was a vegan, someone who eats only vegtables. Since today was the monthly Organic Plate day for the alphas, he anticipated eating the plate. On normal days, he would barely chew on the plate since they used weird chemicals to make them. "Butt Id likke platez."he mumbled, cornering the enchiladas on the last bit of his plate. Greely looked away in disgust as specks of grain plate stained his armor. "Why do you even WEAR armor to the dinner table?" Peck asked him, the brat she was every day. Greely growled. "Because you think your fork will attack you?"Greely snarled now."Because I can't have his messy eating ruining my fur!"He pointed a claw at Cosmo. "Well, then take a shower!" Cosmo was offended, but he didn't have time to acknowledge the fact. Greely pounced, and nailed a screaming Peck. She punched him, and he howled in pain. However, before more alphas could join in, Lisa broke them up. "Woah."she told them. "Stop that, dinner is over now." Harper went back , grumbling that she needed to fish now. Cosmo sadly took the plate to his room.

 Chapter Two

 Cosmo worked madly at his chemistry set. He had to get the recipe for chocolate Miras, he had to! He molded a chocolate brick into a stunted grey heron shape, and tried to smooth out the edges before pouring caramel filling through a hole in her back. He tried the chocolate."Yuck!" he cried, and spit it into a trash can. Now, he did the same thing, except for the fact that he put in nuts and molded Mira around the nuts. Better. He tried to make other candies, such as Mars Bars that took you to Mars and some caramel Zios masks you could wear, but most failed. He sighed, and went to bed.

 Chapter Three

 "Can I purchase some land for my private candy shop?" Cosmo asked the owner of Club Geoz, Willy "Funhouse" Djclaw. "Sure, that'll cost 30,000 gems." Willy said. "Opening a party shop?" "No, a candy shop, Mr. Djclaw."Cosmo replied. Willy's slitted eyes lit up, if a snake's eyes can light up."Fabulous!" he said. "I'll take your payment." As Cosmo gave him the pouch of gems, his eyes went into a slit mode."Say, don't you look like that koala alpha Cosmo..."he muttered. "Oh! Uh... My mother named me after Cosmo and tried to make me look like him!" he stammered. "Now, that's a weird mother. You look exactly like him."Willy hissed. So much for the "funhouse" title. "Uh... Gotta dash to open it!"Willy sighed, and went back to overseeing his party.

 Chapter Four

 Cosmo slammed the door shut, and breathed a sigh of relief. The old candy shop Willy had closed down many years ago was super stinky, and dead spiders decorated the floor. Cosmo didn't want to arouse suspicion by using magic, but otherwise it would take him a month and another 30,000 gems to renovate the shop. "Cleanamus, runeamus!" he whispered. Vines grew from the ceiling, and a few koalas climbed up a tree."Nope. Clearanus, runeamus!"he said. The vines and tree retracted, and magical dusters, vacuums and brooms cleaned the place up.He placed some jars of his candies on the counter, a cash register, more candies in the glass display cases, a free samples bowl, and a small candy machine, then some gumball machines and plants, and little decorations and a few arcade games. "I'm ready!" he yelled to Willy. The door opened, and Willy gasped, since the room had ben renovated in a record of 30 minutes."The grand opening will be soon."he squeaked.

 Chapter Five

 Soon,small ones started to arrive, and even Mira herself attended, using her spirit to attend. She signed autographs and told everyone how she was asleep inside her statue, waiting for a hero to awaken her. The little ones and even some teens squealed with excitement when they thought that they could be the hero, but the adults looked more panicked. "What will we do without you!" they cried. "We are being modernized by our new leader!"Mira looked shocked. "Modernized!"she exclaimed."My hero must come quickly, lest all the legends be destroyed."Cosmo sighed, since a prophecy said that a hero would come, revive Mira and Zios, destroying the phantoms. That was far-fetched right now because of the modernization, but prophecy demands the hero come next year. After she shared some myths, she got out some scissors. Slowly, the blades came toward the red ribbon...slowly...SNIP! All the little ones rushed in to get their candy.Cosmo had to keep brewing more candy to keep up with the demand for chocolate Miras, flying suckers, and moonrocks. Anyone who ate his chocolate Miras strengthened Mira(Cosmo noticed that, so he labeled the Miras 50% off so that she might bust out of her statue by herself), the flying suckers gave the eater the ability to fly, and moonrocks ported you to the moon. When it was time to close up shop, Cosmo grinned. He could now eat candy without any probelms with Willy Hersheya.


I am looking for other writers to look for mysteries in Jamaa, and account them by writing them down. To be able to let me post your stories, you'll have to send a story about Lisa and the spirit stones or Mira and Zios to, and maybe add your own AJ myth. I'll choose from a selected few entrants to send me posts daily, weekly or monthly to be posted on this blog. Remember, I will give you full credit, but I may change some elements in the story to fit with my own stories. Please enter!(There is no deadline, but if you want to enter,enter NOW for a better chance to get on this blog. It's optional, but I need more writers to keep up with my viewers!)

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