Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Harper's Tea

(This is a random story, just a tale about Harper and Cosmo brewing tea. Boring, but some of the remarks are kind of funny. As usual, Peck is big brat. Join this blog if you like my stories!)

 "Really?"Cosmo cried when Peck pied him.
"Although this pie is quite delicious."He licked the tinsel on his face, then chased Peck around until he yanked her tail ribbons. She went down on the tile laughing. Harper sighed, and brewed some tea for herself as she watched through her bedroom doorway.
"That brat of a bunny needs some tea."she muttered, and lifted a two-hundred pound weight before smearing on some face paint. As usual, Cosmo overheard her.
"Did you say the T-word...?" Cosmo asked her slyly. Harper nodded reluctantly. She recognized his tone of voice, he was brainstorming. Harper rolled her eyes, then told him the truth. Cosmo's eyes sparkled.
"Let's play a prank!"he whispered in Harper's ear.
"No deadly nightshades, Mira disapproves of that, but maybe we could hide a energy drain potion in the tea."she whispered back, sensing his thoughts. They snuck into Cosmo's room so that Peck didn't suspect anything.

 "Uh duh."Cosmo groaned as he dropped to the floor.
"De  dloor ez coldddd." Harper looked at the white tea he had just gurgled. The cup looked innocently back at her, only a few specks of white tea leaf and spearmint visible in the brew. Blocking energy drains with magic wards, she drank the tea. The taste was wonderful, with hints of honey and spearmint to behold. If she wasn't a master of power and control, she would've fainted from the taste alone. Cosmo got up, and smiled.
"This potion is ready for the stage,"he said with a wide grin. Harper lifted up the table of elm wood, set it down, and smeared on more face paint. She looked at the eucaptlyus(is that even spelled correctly?) trees and various healing plants, and vials of dangerous potions hidden in the trees, before heading into Peck's room.

 Peck's room was a dirt burrow, a room themed like a rabbit burrow. Roots that led to nowhere pierced the ceiling, and the ground was paper, splattered with paint. Peck's hammock was disposable, a paper one that she could doodle on for late-night ideas. The table was neat, with unfinished work in one stack and projects ready for display in another. Despite the weight of all her pencils, brushes, markers, crayons, charcoal, paper and projects, the paper table held. Many firefly lanterns hung from the ceiling, swinging back and forth in a rhythm even an owl would feel sleepy looking at.
"Peck!"she shouted at a bunny dancing to some rap tunes blaring on a wooden stereo, paintings of rap singers on it. The music was too loud.
 Harper turned the volume dial down with psychic powers, then yelled again.
"PECK!" she shouted. Peck paused her CD.
"Jeez, grumps, I'm listening."Peck muttered.
Harper held out a cup of the tea. "Have some tea, it will inspire you."she said. Peck drank the tea reluctantly, savoring the taste after a few sips. Since the process took a while, Harper looked at the walls. Paintings that were less than flawless were taped to the hardened sod walls, and next to the wall were some colored sand sacks and bowls. Her magic easel was at the far end of the room, and a paper closet full of rebel outfits was next to the doorway, where Cosmo peeked in.
"W-where is my energy?"Peck muttered, as she dropped to the floor.
"I learned my lesson when my mural washed off the canyon wall,and I did pie Cosmo, but that was a small prank!" Harper and Cosmo both laughed as Peck sobbed. Peck stopped sobbing, and her energy returned.
"What was that for?!"she demanded as the other alpha's sides nearly burst with laughter. She was not taking this lightly.
"Peck, we just wanted revenge!"Harper laughed, spitting on the floor.
"No harm done, you are welcome to pie Harper! It was her idea!"Cosmo said. Peck watched them open-mouthed, and shook her head.
"Nah, I'll get you back later, I want to paint a portrait of Marco and Harper kissing."Peck said calmly. Harper was fuming at that last remark. "Where did you get a photo of that?!"she demanded, in a whisper. Peck laughed, and showed her a high-resolution photo of Marco and Harper smooching on the peak of Mt. Shiveer, a cloud shaped like a heart in the distance, near the sunset.
"You are SO going to die, brat!"Harper screeched using telepathy. Peck laughed, and was chased all over Jamaa as she tried to retrieve the photo and rip it to shreds, bewildering quite a few Jammers. As for Cosmo, he sighed and went back to napping in his hammock, dreaming of his candy shop and apothecary, dreaming his way into both to run his businesses.

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