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The Appo berry

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 Cosmo kept Sir Gilbert under the blankets, and sang a few healing songs to make the sleep less pernament. He slid some berries for good dreams into his mouth, then left to see Marco.
He opened the door, and sat on his bed as Marco searched the Jamaasian archives.
"Any information about a cure for Apophis's curse?"he asked Marco. Marco shook his head.
"Not yet, all the scrolls I've found are on phantom curses, not African deity curses." Cosmo sighed, and ate some oranges in boredom.
"Can I see the scrolls on phantom breeding?" he asked Marco.
"Sure."he said."Mostly just thinking foul thoughts to create new spawn. Nothing special." Cosmo read the scrolls, reread them, read them upside down or sideways as he waited for a hit.

 After a few days of searching with no sleep, no food, no drink or even bathroom breaks, Marco smiled.
"Got it!"he said, holding up a scratched book. Cosmo grabbed it, and read the contents. It was a book that was one of Cosmo's textbooks, with all the herbs listed, but somebody had scrawled in a different berry, one that looked like a furry, green tomato. The handwriting was neat, so Cosmo had no probelm reading it.
The Appo Berry

 Rarity: Ultra ultra rare.
 Appearance: Furry, skinny and green tomato.
The Appo berry can cure any ailment, even a deity's curse, unlike the best potions. They were brought here when meteors still dared to rain on the earth, and were planted around Mt. Shiveer. Most, however, were discovered by phantoms and eaten. The only one left is somewhere deep in the Forgotten Valley, somewhere underwater...

 Cosmo slapped the book shut.
"I've got it!"he exclaimed. Marco smiled.
"We should send Harper and Amelia."Marco said."They are good at extracting underwater plants."

 "Do we haveta go? Amelia whined."I was kicking the toothed mushrooms silly in my Mario Bros. game." Harper glared at her.
"What would Chorus say if she saw you now?"she whispered harshly.Amelia looked embarrassed. Greely opened a portal for them to go through, and kept it up as they put supplies in their waterproof messenger bags.
"Don't stop for anything."Peck whispered in their ears."I'm no brainiac, but I think that the phantoms would do anything to keep the curse up." They nodded, and stepped through the portal. They were on the same island Lisa had discovered the Timestones, because that was as far as portals could go in the Forgotten Valley. Amelia donned her scuba gear.
"Ready?"Harper asked her.
"Ready when you are."Amelia replied.She regretted her decision, because Harper dove right away. Easy for her.
Amelia dove, and descended into pristine water full of odd fish. River grass floated all around her, and Amelia couldn't help but admire the fish.
"Concentrate!"Harper yelled at her. Amelia dove, determined to get away from that yell. Harper usually spoke in telepathy and whispers, but her yell could break glass. She dove past stream squids, animated skeletons, specters of the drowned, and humongofrogs. Soon, she saw the bottom sediment, and landed on it, then scoured the sand. No plant.

"The Appo berry is over there." a voice said from the sand, and the sand formed an arrow pointing toward the left.
A phantom rose from the sand, and tried to have her go left.
"Trust me."it said. From Amelia's experience, you could never trust a phantom. She started a battle.Peck said that she shouldn't stop for anything, but Harper could look, she could get rid of the phantom. Amelia lunged, and sawed off the phantom's arm. The phantom tried to zap her, but she dodged. She cut out the phantom's eye, but got electrocuted.
"I am the scout who hosted Apophis! You cannot kill me!"the phantom said. Amelia smashed his body, and he disintegrated.The dust pointed to the right.
"Thank you, dust."Amelia muttered. She  swam over, and saw Harper pluck the Appo berry.
"Ready to go?"she asked Harper. Harper nodded. Amelia used all her willpower to open a portal, and they went back to the hut in triumph.

 Cosmo poured the Appo berry paste into Sir Gilbert's mouth, and his eyes flew open.
"What did I miss?"he asked Cosmo.Cosmo chuckled.
"Everything,"he said, and told him what happened. When he was done, Sir Gilbert looked stunned.
"A phantom rising from the dirt! How peculiar!"he said."When Mira binded the phantom queen, she also cast a spell to forbid phantom ground travel. If a phantom touches the ground, it gets consumed, and the spirit is used to help Mira rise from her statue. We must investigate."
After that, Sir Gilbert walked out of Cosmo's bedroom door, and prepared some quests to research Apophis's power.
The End of the Beginning...

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