Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where The Scarves Venture

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These scarves have been left on the racks despite the weather for a while now, as if waiting for the perfect owner. But who placed them there, and why? This story may been more magical than it seems...

 Greely had been tampering with the wool scarves for a while now, and was getting tired from mana drainage. Suddenly, though, a red scarf moved, then the white one!
"Scarves, wrap yourself around Otto so he isn't so cold." Greely commanded, but the scarves looked away, if they had eyes.
"Walk over to Otto the elephant to wrap yourselves around him...."Greely growled at the finicky scarves, even going as far to project a memory of Otto to their petty little minds, but the scarves had other plans.
"Wait!"Greely shouted, but it was too late.
The scarves had plopped into the SALE basket of winter clothes Harper had wove from satyr wool, and the owner of the Jam Market absentmindedly picked up the basket and strolled to the rack outside the old castle.

 As the scarves were hung on the rack, the owner dropped the SALE label into the snow, and it was never found again. The Jammers awoke the next snow day, and took many of the scarves for themselves. Later, the owner realized that those scarves outside were his, and placed them on the shelves as Jamaaliday scarves. However, the first scarves Greely had enchanted refused to be moved from the rack, and to this day they hang mysteriously outside the castle.
But what was Jam Mart before it became a shop, and why was the Mart owner so absentminded? However, that is a story for another day...

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