Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cornelius's Tribe

Chapter One

 Cornelius made sure that everyone was in the large tank Twolegs had left behind,put some"oil" on the wheels,and whipped the demons to take them to the Oasis.It sounded like it was something in a fairy tale,but they even rose up to travel on the clouds.Birds soared past them,and the crocodiles either fished or sunbathed on the land portion of the tank.It was luxury,and the demons were tethered to the cart,and they coouldn't break free unless Cornelius wanted them to.He thought that it would be a trip through heaven,before the plane came.The large bird was huge up close,and Cornelius wondered why Twolegs needed such a big bird to get around.But then,it dove toward them,not noticing the cart."Faster!"Cornelius shouted.The demons didn't need to be reminded,and shot up to warp speed.The plane dove through the clouds an inch away,and they slowed down to conserve energy.By now they could see the Libya border,which meant that they were swerving far too northwest."Swerve right!"Cornelius ordered them.The demons careened down toward  the oasis just at the Libya border.A little too fast."Slow down!"he ordered the demons,but they were out of control now.They crashed into the water,spilling non-native fish everywhere.

Chapter Two

 The crocodiles managed to swim up to the surface,but the demons were now only stone slabs,and the tank was in pieces at the bottom of the oasis,so their only transportation home was destroyed.The other chiefs looked at them skeptically,and saw that their carriages were a little more reliable,and still intact."Did I just see the crocodile tribe fall out of heaven?"Edmund squeaked nervously,and all the other tribes laughed,except for Cornelius's.Otto raised his trunk high above Edmund's head,and all the other tribes were silenced."We are holding a council to unite all the tribes,and this would be disrespectful.A greater danger is arising while we have fought aimlessly,and everything Moko fought for could be destroyed if we don't act.The name of the danger is..."Otto didn't have to finish his sentence,because everyone knew,as far as Cornelius was aware.Apophis."Lies!"Ruby shouted,and her tribe took up the chant."This IS the worst danger,as far as I am concerned.The other tribes are stealing our grass,which means they want us to shrivel up and die!This means WAR!"The tribes charged at each other,yelling insults.Otto tried to stop them,but it was tto late.The tribes were intent on killing each other.

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