Friday, December 28, 2012

The Lost Stone

In stores, there are two inactive sprit stones of a ram, although one represents a human giving life and the other the ram spirit stone. The stone is the only stone the phantoms managed to deactivate, so it is on display now. Here is the short story of Lisa finding it...


Lisa's Stone

 Lisa was searching for the lost Ram spirit stone, and happened to stumble upon Mount Shiveer. She created the Cocoa hut with Graham's help, then opened the mountain up for Jammers so that she could explore while her Jammers explored. She let Mira carry her up to the peak, then gasped. Under some ram's pelt, she found the stone! However, no ram spirits came out of it, which was dissapointing. "Mira, why...?"she asked Mira. Mira shook her head."It can't be."she murmured."Somehow, the phantoms deactivated the stone, and yet we didn't know..."Then, she tossed aside the now useless stone and found a cane with the exact same stone on it. A large coral stick supported it, and it was twoleg crafted. She could sense the crafter had given his/her life for it, and wept. No living creature deserved to die, not even a Twoleg. Mira comforted her, and they flew down quickly, for no Jammer had a cloak yet. They sewed and sewed, then finally let the cloaks be sold. Lisa put the stone near the fireplace to remember the rams, and walked down to the current clothing store with summer clothing to hide the cane. As for the mountain, a guide was hung there to tell the tale of why a magical border blocks Jammers from the peak.

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