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Shade and Seth

The loves of Greely

 by Amy Jiao

 Greely is an alpha that is distant from the other alphas, and he often is seen bargaining with phantoms.He isn't evil, though, and once loved two other wolves, Shade and Seth. However, he would lose both of them...


 At the beginning of  time, Mira and Zios created Jamaa. However, many years later a group split from the Jamaasians to form a rival culture called the Coraxese. Here is the account of Greely's affairs with the last priestess of the Coraxese...

 Chapter One

 The alphas had known about the Coraxese for decades now, and their false beliefs irked them, especially Lisa. They believed in a star goddess named Moon, but Mira had assured them that Moon was a fake. Yet, the Coraxese had strong beliefs, but that didn't stop them from dying out after being defeated in war. The only decesndant of the culture left was Shade, a beautiful young mortal priestess that Greely loved. "She is a decensdant of those unbelievers,"Peck would complain, but Greely still dated her. Since he was basically a minor god, since Mira had bestowed all the alphas immortailty to be her lieuteuants forever, he gave Shade many gifts, like a small dog and a necklace. She would, in turn, give him old scrolls about phantoms her ancestors left behind in their elaborate temples. Even after Mira had tried to seperate him from Shade multiple times because she knew Shade's horrible fate, they still dated, which annoyed Amelia more than anyone else. Whenever he got back, Amelia would yell at him for betraying their oath to only date each other. However, now he wasn't so distant from the other alphas, as Shade always cheered him up, and nobody found sometjing wrong with that.

Chapter Two

 Two years later...

 Greely and Shade now had a son, Seth. They were very happy, together, and they explored all the time. But soon, battling phantoms grew tiresome, and Shade instead taught him about Moon, which annoyed him, but he didn't speak up. Now they sat in her small cave, flipping through books of Coraxese myths."Jamaa was created when Moon rose from an egg in the sky, and sent matter down from the heavens. However, everyone has forgotten what she did, and believes in floating masks and grey herons now. Moon really created Jamaa."Greely wanted to protest, but something told him that it would ruin their relationship, so he kept quiet. Seth played with some feathers they had found on the rocks. After some silence, Greely's curiousity got the best of him. "Show me Moon's constellation."he demanded. Shade smiled. "That's not a probelm." She pointed at the stars, and he could see that the constellation was of a wolf, the same one that was named after him. "You Jamaasians named i after you, and we Coraxese named it after Moon. It'll always be a reminder of our bond." Greely tapped her, and she looked at him. Even Seth looked. "Will you always be with me?"he asked her in a gruff but soothing voice. She hesitated, then nodded. "Always."she promised. Shade had no idea that "always" wouldn't be long.

Chapter Three

 The next day, Greely waited for her to come, but she didn't appear. After six hours of waiting, a blue macaw appeared, it's expression grim. "What is it?" he growled. A bloodstained letter fell out of the mail bird's bag, and it flew away. It was from Mira, and apparently it was written hastily when surveying a body. He shuddered. He clawed the envelope open, only to find bad news.
 After some crying, since Shade's healthy heart was slipped in there, he read the ink. It told him(gently) about how Shade had ran into hungry phantoms while bringing a sacrifical ox to the temple of Moon, and how she had valiantly died to save the throne of Moon. Mira also said that her body would be put into the temple, and the temple taken into the sky to hide what happened.Greely bawled,and ran over to little Seth to gently tell him that his mama wolf was dead.


Ten years later...

 Seth had enough of being babied by his dad, Greely, and requested apprenticeship.Greely had accepted the offer, and said that after Shade had died when he was a few months old, he protected Seth with his life. They trained relentlessly, and even did crunches, pushups and situps, the stuff you do in gyms. They even borrowed a "treadmill" that Graham owned just for training. Seth lifted weights and swam in the ocean when the sea was roughest, making his muscles rugged and handsome. However, after being hidden from the alphas because he was the offspring of a Coraxese and a Jamaasian(especially Amelia, she is still mad to this day about Shade),he was very mean.Greely and Lisa tried to give him obedience lessons, but he would make even the toughest cry when he threatened them. Eventually, they gave up. After three years of training, Seth got tired of training. "When will I be an alpha?" he would ask Greely every day,but he would ignore him.He stopped working so hard, and Greely spanked him. Seth was tired, and very unhappy. But before he could even think of turning over to the phantoms, Greely gave him a diary to write his feelings in, even though it read LOG since it was supposed to be a log filled with dark mythology. Seth loved writing in it, and would write all day. Then, he hit his teenage years. He became extra handsome, and all the supermodels would scream if they could date him. Soon, a poor wolf named Minaha knocked on his door. "What?"he growled, licking rasberry ink off the page where he had misspelled a word."I-it's a young wolf named Minaha, and I've got a gift for you."she squeaked. He stormed up the basement stairs to the door.

Chapter Two

 He opened the door, and a rather beautiful wolf in rags looked up at him.A small, pink box wrapped with blue silk was in front of her. However, he had a furry heart, and the gift did not appease him."Thank you,"he muttered, kicking the gift inside,"Now get lost."Minaha squealed in delight, and ran away. Seth locked the door, and wondered why Minaha had acted so happy when he'd insulted her dignity. Girls were weird. Instead of opening the gift, though, he hid it in a broom closet and forgot about it for years.
 The alphas were tired of Seth as he begged them to become an alpha. Once he gave up, they cursed him to be always pursed by phantoms. Every day, he would wake up to phantoms knocking on the window, and he'd have to defeat them, only for them to return the next day. He tired, and yet they didn't give up.Soon, he was close to death. Now, weeks later, he puffed as he fought. Blood oozed from his wounds,and a phantom closed in for a death blow to the neck. However, a shadow streaked between them and took the blow"NO!"A dying Minaha dropped to the ground, and the phantoms drank her blood, and left for good.

Chapter Three

 "Why???"he screeched, as Minaha wheezed. "I bullied you, why did you do that?!?"Minaha sighed, and weakly looked into his eyes.Her eyes were storm gray."Y-you are special."she sighed."Before you commit suicide, tell Jamaa about the land of Corax. I'll die in peace."Without a proper goodbye, milky substance covered her eyes.He ran into his house, and pulled out the gift. Seth tore it open, and a tail feather was inside. The coppery feather of Mira. Minaha had loved him, and even risked an anceint curse for him, and he abused that. He ran, and did as he was told.

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