Thursday, December 27, 2012

Seth's End

When we last heard from Seth, he was running from Minada's death, and told small Jammers about the Coraxese. He had forgotten his log, and only brought along Mira's feather, along with some of his photos of Greely. At the day where everyone knew of the Coraxese and never forgot to tell the children of Jamaa, he went into the alpha hut. "So you're back, traitor."Sir Gilbert grumbled. He went right past him. He went into his father's room, themed like the canyon he once lived in. The ceiling was starry, but Seth did not care.He stopped only to climb a cliff brought in to reach Greely's dresser. Since Greely was away on a quest to research phantoms in the valley, he wasn't stopped. Jewels, monocles and armor was strewn about the  closet, along with caribou bones and carved stones from the canyon. He took some ominous armor from the closet, and clipped it onto himself. Since it was meant for a shadow, the curse set on it yanked out his soul, and he screeched in pain as it injected deadly rattlesnake venom. The souls of his mother and Minaha greeted him,and smiled as he was taken far away, the iron grip of death hosting him. He was dumped in a bright field where the heroes lived, and didn't care that his father screeched in terror when he found his body changing armor.

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