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The Message

As mentioned earlier, the Alphas have heard of a message saying that a hero would rise to revive Mira and Zios (one's impossible, the other is impossibly impossibly impossible), and bring the final fall of the phantoms. Here is what happened back when the Alphas were in their true forms, the Shamen...

The Message

 By Amy Jiao

 Chapter One

 The wind whistled in the hollows as the Shamen headed toward the illusion room of an observatory, admiring their busts and various artifacts. This was the very begining of time, as the Shamen changed into Alphas just after the first animals of Jamaa came. Jamaa's only Oracle, Kindear, awaited them near the telescopes. Green mist surrounded her, ominous as always. 
“ Turn back..."Kindear said. "The message you will hear now is dangerous." Reckless as always, Sir Gilbert answered for the rest of the Shamen. 
"We shall hear your message, as we were all told that it would shape Jamaa's future."
"Very well.I shall tap into the anceint, cosmic powers and hear the message."Kindear's voice was now tripled, as if three mysterious voices spoke, because she had said the other statements freely, and from experience. The glowing eyes of Kindear closed, and the runoff of green mist abruptly stopped from her penguiny eyes. Instead, blue energy so powerful it shut down all other magical devices/substances came from her back, and leeched onto a telescope.
"Crap,"Peck snarled as she tried to paint a picture into existence, to no avail.

 Chapter Two

 The shamen watched helplessly as the telescope tilted, as if craning it's body to look at the stars,and fired blue energy. The energy went through the glass, past the clouds and a few angry birds, and even some birdcages Greely had accidentially cast into space. After what seemed like eternity, the blue energy returned to Kindear's body, and her creepy eyes opened again, making the shamen flinch. Smoke began curling off her feathers, and since even Cosmo was paralyzed, they watched Kindear die as she spoke her final message, as Jamaasian oracles speak a big prophecy/message, and they die. It is a dangerous buisness, sure, but before their death they are showered with benefits. Kindear spoke in the voice of all cosmic powers, Zios. Even at that time, he was always distant, creating other lands such as Ook.

"You shall slay a god, and create the worst creatures of the eons, and be pitied. However, in the end you'll play a part."she said to Sir Gilbert.

Kindear turned to Cosmo."Candies and plants galore, you are the sweetest grandfather any Koala can recieve, but your bitter concotions will kill the one who will save your life."

Cosmo looked frightened at the prospect. Kindear ignored his terrified look, and turned to Greely. "You will have a family, but they will die and you take the blame. Dark magic will draw a spouse, though, and one from a line of Keepers, those who keep the Spirit Stones. Eventually, your destiny will save us all."\

 He didn't look suprised. In fact, Greely was always emotionless. Kindear turned to Peck.

"Your fate isn't terrible, Peck. Creating a wonderful sculpture only to get it washed away, you will learn a life lesson, but your faithful weapons will fail you in a time of great need, and bringth the death of yourself. However, this is nothing compared to Lisa's fate."

 Peck looked frightened, and fell on a candle. Kindear turned to Graham. "I see not much fate in you, elder, as you will become young once more soon. You shall make a plan that will save many lives, although you will die painfully."she mumbled.

 Graham just fiddled with his little gears nervously. Kindear turned to Lisa." You are a trueborn leader, Lisa, but your kin's numbers are declining. An artist beyond artists shall weave a destiny bond with a hero, and therefore you die a painful death together. You shall change once, then another time, and herby avenge a fox's death."

 Lisa looked agonized. Kindear paused, then started the final message.

 Chapter Three

 "This is a time of need, as Jamaa is in need of new Jammers, but it is a small problem compared to what you will face many years from now. Mira will die creating the beasts of the eons, and Zios by the paw of a Shaman. Then, as the evils rule and modernize the land, a hero would rise, revive both deities, and destroy the evil once and for all, with your help. However, many sacrifices will be made..."Kindear stopped, returned to normal, and let out a strangled yelp.

Now, the Shaman devices worked, but no dose of magic could save Kindear. Only ashes sat where she had been, and she had left the shamen very, very uncomfertable.

The End of the Beginning...

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