Monday, December 31, 2012

The Shamen into Alphas

As we all know from my last post, the Shamen had heard Kindear's message. Now, this is a short story about their transition from shamen to Alphas...


~adapted from Snowyclaw's storybook~

 The shamen walked through the empty township at midnight, the crisp autumn air wrapping around their paws. Lisa's cane lit up, and guided the shamen toward the shrine. Not so long ago, the shamen and a few strong Jammers built Mira this shrine, and placed a pedestal for her to watch the Jammers from, and punish scammers. As they entered, the shrine suddenly lit up as the fireflie lanterns lit. The ceiling was turquoise glass, streaming moonlight in,and tailored by Greely(he can bend any matter to his will),with incantations to protect all of his work, although Sir Gilbert would eventually destroy it on Summer Solstice(Greely used dark magic, that's when his spells are weakest) destroying Zios. The trees outside complimented the turquiose of the glass, and all the columns were intact. A bronze brazier full of Greek Fire sat on the pedestal, and suddenly BOOM, Mira replaced the brazier, and yawned. "Nice night, isn't it?"

Mira's voice was like the chorus of a thousand songbirds, some which shouldn't have fit together.Her feathers glimmered in the moonlight, making the shamen feel at peace. The green gem in Jamaa Township was a symbol of her, and depending on the Jamaasian's moods she would have a different glimmer. Tonight, she had the glimmer of sweet dreams, which was pink.
 "I called you in your dreams, because some Jammers are turning over to the...evil forces because they are offended by the name Shaman, as Shamanism is a bad thing in many worlds. I have gathered you all to change your personailities to Alphas, as this will exchange spirits between bodies. However, you can still call on your original formes in battle."

 Before the alphas could say anything, Mira flapped her wings, and they started their morph, although much longer and much, much more painful than a normal Jammer's.Green light bathed them, and the Shamen could actually feel their bodies change. The old wither of age drained away, and their eyes changed to be sharper, like a kestrel's or a gyrfalcon's. Their spirit balled up into a green ball of light, and a green spiral of light, the new body's first form, was below them. Pain shot up all the alpha's bodies, and they were near the end of their prime now, although immortaility kept them there. Graham's eyes twinkled now, and his face paint was clearer, although his Einstein hair still remained, a pet peeve for Peck, someone who insisted on good looks all the time. His goggles were refined, and he was more intrested in gems now, and no longer small machinery parts, although he still made odd contraptions.'

 As for Greely, as his urge to observe a diamond was replaced with desire to draw a battle map, he felt good. The monocle of ruby was gone, but his chains and armor were still intact, as ways to control the dark magic inside him. Greely now had a rivalry with Sir Gilbert, even though he loved him before. He created a Grendel, and destroyed it with a single word.

 Cosmo felt much younger, and had good instincts for the plants around him. All his clothes except for his cap and cane were gone, but otherwise not much was different to him.(Will be updated as of Janurary 4th.)

 Peck had more femine eyes now, and her clothes were much more comfy. She had a slightly less rebellinous spirit, yet she had a desire to make some outrageous project like paint Jamaa orange(long story, more on that in Peck's Mural)

 Sir Gilbert felt better, although his assorted merit badges were gone. Gone. At least they were under his cape...sigh. He had a curiousity burning inside him now, and his original form would've been dissipointed to see him like this...

 Finally, Lisa felt good. Her cane was brighter, she had more stylish robes, and she was more...snazzy.
She loved style, and finally she could lead the alphas successfully. She was finally a beautiful leader.


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