Friday, December 28, 2012

Sir Gilbert and the Armor

There is a mysterious set of armor in the Chamber Of that has seen the first phantom war. Here is a short story about it...

Gilbert's Armor

 by Amy Jiao

 "Come on!" Sir Gilbert groaned as Graham sawed away at the metal. His goggles were on, and his hair was covered with soot after he recently crafted some tweezers for Cosmo. Sir Gilbert was impatient to get back in the fight, since the phantoms were coming at top speed. Zios was dead, and Jammers were dying by the thousands.Graham finished, and painted some golden streaks on it."Here ya go!" he said cheerfully. Sir Gilbert growled thanks, and slid it on. It fit perfectly, even some dents in the breastplate for his merit badges. He donned his claws, and clawed the phantoms down.
 Now, the armor was the only thing stopping the dark energy of the Phantom King from tearing him apart as the alphas tore the king apart. As they broke the last seam, the phantom exploded, and they stood on Jamaa's heavenly ground, all of Jamaa thanking them for their bravery.


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