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Captain Melville

Captain Melville's juice hut is the biggest mystery in Jamaa, as AJHQ never even mentioned his name, probably not even in Beta. I have searched the alpha's logs just in case they knew him, and found many entries about this sailor. For one thing, he is one of the many sons of Sir Gilbert(he's the best looking male alpha), but instead of following the path of a warrior, he followed the path of a sailor. Here's his first expedition explaining other mysteries in the Chamber Of Knowledge and Kani Cove...

Captain Melville and the Phantom Jewels

by Amy Jiao

 Chapter One

 "Arrrrr!" he shouted to Gilbert. "Don't kill me, sir!" his dad whimpered like a poor little sailor.Captain Melville had a plum cape, a paper sailor hat, and elf-crafted anklets.He and his dad loved playing Pirate, especially since pirates had been raiding the coast recently. They had so much fun, and it helped both of Gilbert's primary traits: curiousity and brawn. Melville loved his mom, Aruwada, but they were poor and Gilbert rich. Besides, an alpha cannot stay with his family for long, since he needed to go questing. Melville played with Dad all the time now because of that, but it wouldn't be enough.

 Chapter Two

 "Dad!"Melville was despearte to keep up with his father, but he was running away from their shack, heading toward the alpha hut. Sir Gilbert ignored him."DAD!"Sir Gilbert turned, but his face wasn't laughing after playing tag. It was serious, and Melville had seen that look only once:he was doing something important."Mira has entered my dreams, the pirates are phantoms!"he growled."I must join the alphas to fight.You'll be my apprentice after this, I promise!" Tears welled up in Melville's eyes. He had listened to Aruwuda's tales of phantoms, and they were globs of evil tears with a cyclops style eye, electric pouches along their skin, and varying amounts of legs. He stopped chasing Dad, and let himself eat dust as he went back to Aruwuda.

 Chapter Three

 " Juice the fruits carefully." Aruwuda advised him. "They will need to pour into the canteens, then be shaken around for best flavor, and tastetested. The flavor depends on what fruits you juice and in what order, what sort of grip, and how long you shake it."Since Melville had turned down Dad's offer to become a warrior, he decided to be a sailor. Sir Gilbert actually congragulated him, since he would become a warrior just fighting pirates."Besides,"Gilbert had said,"your claws are perfect for juicing exotic fruits and analyzing treasure, not bloodshed."Melville had felt proud, but juicing wasn't child's play. As Aruwuda was teaching him, these sort of arts are something only a true juicer can master.He juiced dragon fruit, papaya, grape, strawberry, and even some cantelopes to make some healthy juice."You will be ready soon."Aruwuda consoled him."Get ready for the biggest adventure you've ever had."

 Chapter Four

 He now built his hut, ignoring the beach babes trying out his juice and begging for more.Melville dug a ditch for tsunami water to go into in case of a tsnaumi, then built support beams and a floor.Nails and blunted hammers came and went, sacrificing their sanity to help him build a frame.He nailed the boards in to make proper walls, then went to the valley to get a proper roof and sod from the temple.He even placed some lavender and dried cocoa beans in the grass and mud to make the hut smell better, and feathers to prevent mud from dripping in a storm.Finally, he made the door and shut it."Home sweet home."he said, and plopped onto a towel. When he awoke, he realized that his home was empty, with nothing but a few fruits in baskets hanging from the ceiling and his towel."I'd better get to work."He sawed down a palm tree to make a desk, then got some scrap metal and fruit and cups to make a juicer.He went to the store, bought a Claw machine, some concert equipment, and a chalkboard, then got an electrician to make outlets for his stage, Claw and juice machines.Melville soon had a neat hut, and hired a band to sing for his club.

 Chapter Five

 Everyone piled in to dance in his club, and he happily served drinks. For nightime, he even hung some firefly lanterns to light the club. Soon, everyone enjoyed his club. Soon, it became so popular that the alphas came! Sir Gilbert was very proud of him, and suggested he build his own bedroom and an outhouse, hire Sir Gilbert himself to serve the drinks and sail away on a ship for a while. Melville was happy to do what he was told.But before he left, Melville scribbled some recipes for the favorite juices and smoothies the customers liked, and a few that special customers liked.Then, he started building his own boat, with Graham's and Harper's help.He built cannons, hired crew, weaved hammocks, crafted a steering wheel and sails, then finally got supplies on board. Even Lisa decided to fund the project, as he was going to take back the loot the pirates took from sailors.As the ship slid into the sea after Graham built a contraption to slide it into the sea, Sir Gilbert and all of Jamaa waved goodbye.

Chapter Six

 Melville steered the ship northeast of Crystal Sands, to where Kani Cove is now. There, the phantoms counted their loot, a phantom stamped on their boat. Then, the captain noticed them, which was weird since he had an eyepatch over his only eye."Arrr!"the phantom growled."Get the cannons ready!" Melville repeated the cry, without the "arrring".The cannons faced each other, and there was silence except for the two crews getting ready for war. Then, the pirates fired the first shot into the air."Fire!" Melville shouted. The cannons fired, and his crew quickly drank his banana smoothies in their canteens as the phantom ship exploded in several places. Then the pirates fired, and a few fires started on board. "Fire!"the two captains shouted at the same time, and most of the cannonballs blocked each other. However, a few got to the pirates, and their ship started sinking."Thar she sinks!"the captain shouted, and the phantoms flew away, throwing their loot at them.It rained gold doubloons and treasure chests full of jewels as they retrieved the loot. Everyone cheered, and set sail for Jamaa.

 Chapter Seven

 When they arrived, everyone treated them like heroes, and hid most of the treasure inside the alpha's hut. However, the gems were hidden in the temple, and were polished every day by Cosmo.But since Melville was getting too famous, he decided to be anonymous, and hid away.The band no longer came after that, and the juice machines are rusty, but once in a while some Jammers try to get him to show by dancing in his juice hut... And what happened to the phantom ship? It is now in Kani Cove, transformed by Harper into a store...

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