Saturday, December 22, 2012

Harper's Mother

Chapter One

 Everything was at peace in the Alpha hut,before Peck sprinted in,panting.
Harper was molding a statue of Mira for the holidays before Peck ran into her room,almost tearing off Mira's wing."WHOA!"Harper screeched."Peck,I was trying to take Mira's spirit out of her statue by transferring it to this statue,then extract it using my claws!"Peck ignored her,as her rebellinous streak showed through."I saw phantoms when I was exploring the uncharted lands."Peck said,as if that explained everything."And?"Harper asked her.Peck stuck out her tongue at Harper."I won't tell you unless you tell me the legend of Cithara and Firetail.I want to paint it!"Peck said like a little brat,which she was.Harper sighed,and told her the northern legend.At the end,Peck looked truly gratified,and she left to get her easel and paints,but not untill she retied the ribbons in her tail and told Harper what she had saw."The phantoms were attacking a few foxes in the valley where Amelia was born,but we haven't retrevied the spirit stones that the phantoms cast across Jamaa.I would've helped them,if they weren't guarding the fox spirit stone.I think that you should retrieve it,since I have not exprienced any phantom wars,while you fought many after you beat Firetail."Peck wasn't Graham or Cosmo,but she was right."I know that I am not Lisa,Mira or Zios,but I request that you accept the quest to get the spirit stone.""Quest accepted."Harper teleported into the valley,as close as she could get to the spirit stone.

Chapter Two

 The situation wasn't as bad as Peck had described,since only two collosal phantoms attacked the family.Peck had probably drew the other phantoms that probably helped them exploding,but these phantoms were resistant to magic,as Harper could smell.But her best powers weren't magic.The family should've died long ago,if spirits of foxes hadn't been rising from the stone and defending them.But the spirits were weakening,and Harper knew that a moment later,she would've been too late."Hey,big and ugly!"she shouted at the phantoms."Fssssk!"one phantom said angrily."Puny seal,you have no idea what we are doing for our king!"the other translated.Harper didn't respond.Instead,she sliced the phantoms to pieces as the foxes watched from their den,awestruck.When she was finished,she sharpened her claws on the rocks,and waddled over."We have to flee!"she told them grimly.They didn't need that thought.Slabs of rock were falling down the valley wall,and the spirit stone needed magical attention.Harper grabbed the orange spirit stone,but noticed that there was a secret passageway behind the stone,as if the stone had used an illusion to fool the eyes of the foxes."Go!"she told the foxes."Get to the savvanah!Tell everyone that foxes are coming to Jamaa!I'll be fine!GO!!"The foxes ran,never looking back.Harper looked at their beautiful tails one last time,then crept into the passage.

Chapter Three

 Harper knew that she needed to go through,because a portal took her back to where she had once lived,the North Pole.A grey seal poked at the ice with a polar bear tooth,looking for fish not so primitively.Harper recognized the seal."Mom!"The seal looked up,and alarm spread across her face."Harper!"They slammed together in a polar bear hug,and tears crept down both of their cheeks."Mom,I thought you were dead!""I thought so too!"Harper told her mother her story,then Harper's mother told her story in exchange,though she seemed to not get over the fact that she hadn't shed her baby fur coat.
 "I was kidnapped by Firetail when you were young,and he froze me in ice as a hostage.But he didn't have time to bring me out when you battled him,and I was buried in sand for many years,untill a polar bear busted me out.I went back to where we had lived,thinking that I was gone for only an hour,but you were gone!I asked around,and I learned that you had hosted THREE gods without burning up,but died valiantly fighting Firetail.I moved on in sorrow,but now here you are!"Harper's eyes welled up with tears,but she had a quest to complete."Mom,come with me."she told her mother."I can take you somewhere safe,a place in the lands of no-ice where polar bears don't roam."Before her mother could answer,she teleported both of them to her bedroom in the bamboo forest.

Chapter Four

 They arrived in her cold bedroom,where everything replicated her arctic home.There was even a mini swimming pool that mimiced the arctic sea,with fish schools living in the depths.Snow covered the beds,and Harper only needed to imagine a bunk above her bed to create one.Her mother was stunned,and started to slide on the ice a bit."No polar bears will lay paw in this replica!Wa-hoo!"Harper left her mother to fish in the pool as she went into Lisa's bedroom.It was like a chinese bamboo forest,with live pandas crawling through the stalks and  a bed that looked like something molded out of bamboo,live bamboo,which it was.Lisa sat in a tree,dabbing face paint under her eyes,when she noticed Harper."Hello,friend."she said,distracted by trying to imagine more NO POACHERS signs all over the room.Then she noticed the fox spirit stone,with a rune etched on it for a fox.The stone was attracted to the stone on Lisa's cane,and the two jewels fused.Another unique animal spirit was suddenly avaliable for everyone.Lisa smiled."You have done us all a favor,and you shall be rewarded."she said.Harper smiled,and shook her head."Nah,Lisa,I already have everything I want.This land,Jamaa,is a gift for everybody!"

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