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Peck's Mural

 Peck's Mural

 The outrageous rabbit alpha makes many  long and odd projects, like donating old ear socks to hobos (weird, but generous), and making pinatas the size of mountains(Peck used that for Mira's seven thousanth birthday), and painting Jamaa orange (now, what was that for? Making a message to aliens that our planet is shaped like an orange?).Here is a story about her most odd project yet, painting a mural of the alphas in the Coral Canyons...

 By Amy Jiao

 Chapter One

 "This is a sane proposal?!?"Willy carpenter screeched."We ain't funding dis project!""Meanie!" Willy stood on two paws on the doorstep, laughing at her proposal to make a mural, but Peck was doing what she did best in retaliation: being a big, big brat. "It's to depict the alphas defeating the phantom king! Besides, Cosmo engineered it to become organic, so when it washes off the fish in the river have something to eat." Willy's eyes grew wide, since the fish in the canyon were carnivous, and they had to poison their DNA so that the residents in the canyon were safe. Giving them enough paint to eat for years would let them lay off on the spraying. "We'll get ready!" he yelped. Peck smiled triumphantly, as if she had annoyed her big sister. "Good. May Mira bless you." She stuck her tongue out at Willy in the firefly light as he went off. Her reasoning and charmspeak always let her have her way.

 Chapter Two

 Graham rolled his eyes as Peck went back to the great room, turning on "Futurama", rated PG 14.She stuffed her mouth with all the popcorn as he plopped down next to her, to make sure he didn't get any. He still ate one she dropped on the snakeskin couch, then ate the burned one and the seeds. "Seriously, you're a big bother."he grumbled as the old scientist idenified the weird mushroom."Well, it's a tribute. Don't be a grumps." She switched the HD TV off, then started up the karoke. Graham shut the cedar door behind him as he left, since Peck insisted on singing siren songs. A few of the vines on her palm wood guitar snapped as she hit the high note heaven. When her voice was tired of screaming, she stashed the karoke behind the TV. She didn't know that phantoms were pure evil, Peck thought that Mira had just given her these privledges because she was "talented." She had seen phantoms, sure, but Mira had easily disposed of them. Peck had acted profound just to fool Mira, and knew the privledges she'd get. She kind of had the gift of prophecy, at least a little bit. Her easels and paints used to show her animated scenes of the future every morning, and she saw this from miles away.In other words, it wasn't Lisa, Sir Gilbert or Greely who was the most powerful, it was Peck.(This statement has been evaluated and checked. It is partially correct, although Harper is more powerful than all the alphas combined.)Now, she headed to her easel to plan out the mural.

 Chapter Three

 The next day, she oversaw the painting. They locked the canyons down, and had to boot out some determined Jammers trying to break the "bridge" with magic.They even stopped aerial supervision(to the annoyance of Mira) because somebody could strap on a jetpack and blend into the crowd, the tell everyone about the mural. Since Jamaa had many various plants, Cosmo mashed a few paint roots and gave them large jars of paint, depicting Peck painting Jamaa orange.(Well, there's a weird thought, Peck, some sculptor likes helicopters flying over Jamaa and painting everyone and everything orange with a steamroller.Ow!)The mural depicted the tapestry she had weaved in the Chamber Of Knowledge(the tapestry of Mira and the phantoms), Jamaasian legends, and even all the lands of Jamaa. The  mural also showed the stories of the alphas, with Otto and the other African alphas stomping Apophis, who came back as the phantom king. It even showed an animated video of the return of the alphas, with videos showing animated episodes of the alpha's quests and stories shown on Cartoon Network, and even some interviews with Mira and her sacred alphas afterward, then repeating the cycle.If you watched long enough, Mira and both Twolegs that lived here (Brady Barr and Tierney Thys) would arrive for autographs.However, Peck wanted the project to be more extravangant, so she tortured the painters all day on her throne of cacti on the bridge, even demanding they color the wolf spirit stone (there was a glitch for days afterward where new Jammers became a wolf and looked like Greely for a while.)

 Chapter Four

 "This is ridiculous."Lisa grumbled as they collected vases from the art studio carved into the side of the canyon. "Last time you had a 'great idea',you replaced the hospital with an arcade, dishonoring that tribute to Cosmo and sparking part of the Jamaasian movement. Thousands of protesters lined up in the township, and we were summoned after years of neglect. That would've happened anyway without insulting Cosmo. Mira must be joking."Peck stuck out her tongue at Lisa, and did a raspberry, ruining her asian cloak. Lisa grumbled as she wiped the spit off her robes with magic, draining her mana. "You're just jealous!" Peck screamed, then ran off. Lisa rolled her eyes, and went to split up an arguement between a wolf worker so hungry he wanted a bunny worker for lunch, and the victim had to feed him his lunch.Long sentence, long story. Peck got up on a ladder, then painted the final touch to her painting. Everyone cheered, and the Jammers trying to sneak in finally got a chance to see the mural. The canyon was packed as everyone looked at the performance unfolding, and Peck beamed with pride.

 Chapter Five

 The next day, when the ceremony was just about to end, it started to rain. Mira devised a cover to protect the screaming Jammers who didn't bring a coat, but by the time she had enough mana to cover the mural, most of it had already washed into the river as storm sewage. Peck watched all this in horror, and started sobbing right on the spot. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" she bellowed. The storm stopped, and the spotlight was on her, sobbing on stage after her mural had covered her karoke equipment and peeled off the rock."Why? Why??????"By the time she remembered she was in public, everyone was laughing. "It was supposed to peel off and feed the fish anyway, dummy!" a small bunny jeered."Bad luck that it did just when you were having a performance."Peck growled, and pointed at the bunny with a shaky paw.The poor bunny became a cactus. As Mira flew down to turn the bunny back, Sir Gilbert ran on stage and pinned her. "Peck,you have threatened our authority by making a disposable mural, then blaming us when it washed off!"he growled.Peck didn't exactly do that, but everything else was true."You will have to learn a lesson about your rank, or face a fate just like Zios's!"Everyone gasped as he mentioned the god's mysterious death in public, and whispered among themselves.Sir Gilbert knew he was trapped, so he reluctantly told the tale.

 Chapter Six

 Everyone was relieved that he told the truth, and waited for Peck to answer. "I-I'll never do this again."she said."Swear on Zios's mask!""I swear!"she yelped, then ran away, some ribbons falling out of her tail.Mira flew down to Sir Gilbert, and awarded him merit badges for teaching Peck a lesson without failing. All of Jamaa cheered, and all was at peace in Jamaa. You know what? There is a rumor that when quests arrive and Jamaa is re-Jamaasianized, the mural may come back and be repainted in Coral Canyons...

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