Saturday, December 22, 2012

Graham's Story

Graham,the crafty monket alpha,is wise and isn't a stranger to the forge.But where did he start his journey to become the best inventor of all time?Let's find out in this tale lost to many centuries of rotting...

Chapter One

 Graham looked up at the trees,gazing at the stars.His mother pointed out every single constellation,from the Big Dipper to Draco to Hercules.The shadows beneath them on the forest floor didn't bother Graham one bit,as long as his mother's hand was stroking his messed up hair.He had a knack at making gizmos and thingmabobs out of the human waste that had washed up on the shores of the beach.Every machine was crazier than it's predecessor,some useless,like his robot dog and a catapult that fell apart when a small bunny tripped over it.But he was determined to make a good gizmo now,one the gods couldn't ignore."Mama,will you let me go collect some metal from the temple?"he asked her softly.She frowned down at him."Graham,I have nothing against you,but the shadows haunt that place."she told him."The metal there is blessed,but artifacts are strewn everywhere,some unsafe."The word "blessed"made Graham want to go even more,but it was time for bed before he could think about it."Time for bed,sweetheart."his mother told him as he was laid to bed.He closed his eyes,and dreamed of floating masks chasing him all around.

Chapter Two

 Thirty years later...
 Graham now worked at his forge endlessly in a hollow tree,putting together a Spirit-extracter 3000,so that he could take the spirit of Mira out of her statue so that she could take on a more physical form,or at least revive Zios.There was a war between the newly born phantoms and the alphas outside,but Lisa had promised that they would protect his tree so that he could bring back Zios before it was too late.Mira had locked herself in the statue partially to weep,and she was weakening.Now Graham worked like crazy,eating graham crackers at an alarming rate.He just had to make this invention,he had to!Some of the blessed metal from the temple had been put in the extracter,most of it from Zios's statue.Just as he secured the last screw...a large phantom crashed in through the window.So much for Lisa's promise."I am the Phantom king!"he screeched."I possesed Zios as a mere shadow,but rose from Mira's tears!Puny monkey inventor,I shall tear you apart before you can reverse my deeds!"The sound of the battle raging below made it clear that no help would come.Graham feinted,then sucker punched the phantom.Ichor poured from it's leg,but it showed no sign of giving in."Yaaaaah!"The phantom lunged for him, and Graham made a tough decision.He held up the vacumn shaped machine,and the phantom's spirit was temporarily seperated from it's body.As the phantom disentigrated,the phantoms below realized that their king had fell,and fled.The alphas cheered,and his invention clattered to the floor,now a useless vacumn.

Chapter Three

 The alphas came in,and hoisted him up on their shoulders.Graham was carried all around Jamaa twice before he was finally let down."So what happened?"Lisa asked him.Graham told her the story.She frowned,since they couldn't revive Zios or Mira.Now,Mira barely came out of her statue,only to grant quests.Lisa knew something was wrong with her,but Cosmo said that she was fine.Now,the only thing to see to was to make Graham an Alpha.He didn't refuse,since they had good supplies,but he was sad that his invention only postponed the next great phantom battle."Hey,I couldn't have done better."Greely assured him."I know evil well,and believe me,we would've lost without you."Graham sighed,and accepted alphaship from the Alphas as he wandered off to customize his room.

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