Friday, December 28, 2012

The Golden Ring

 As many of you may know, this ring surrounds the busts of the alphas and a few other artifacts. Why is it there? Who created it? And who protected this land from Twolegs? You are about to find out...

The Golden Ring

by Amy Jiao

 Chapter One

 Peck painted the floor golden, and carved small pictures of phantoms and various spells on the ring.She labeled it with incantations to keep phantoms away from the artifacts, and even a few reenforcements. If they would survive the Twoleg invasion, they would have to hide their artifacts and their people in there. She quickly scribbled some Twoleg protection spells on the ring, but that would  mean monkeys would need magical permisson to enter, as their DNA structure was similar to a Twoleg's.Peck started the busts of all the alphas.

 Chapter Two

 They gathered all the animals and put them in groups with their alphas within the ring, although the monkeys needed permission to enter. The lions and leopards were grouped with Sir Gilbert, for they had no alpha, and the Arctic wolves stayed with Greely, making his group have to squish the others. Fortunatley, Jamaa was small at that time, so everyone fit in. Then the Twolegs came."This is a very good land to plunder, Chuck."one growled. The bunnies whimpered. The twoleg that should be Chuck growled back."Yes, millions of jewels have been stashed in the temple! We'll be RICH!" Even the lions were whimpering now, but the alphas shushed them. Then the twolegs noticed them. "Hey, we have some wild guests here!" the first twoleg chuckled."Yes, Bart, we'll get another load of money just to skin the lions!""Hee, hee."Peck giggled. " A twoleg named Fart. Hee ha hee ha."Lisa tried to shush her, but it was too late. Bart's face turned beet red. "A talking bunny insults me, even when she's wearing ear socks and I have a gun?!?"he cried. "I'll kill you!" He took out the black stick he called a "gun", and fired a small seed from it. But the alphas knew what seed it was. It was a bullet seed, one non native to Jamaa, and it hurt, as Lisa had found out before. Ouch.

 Chapter Three

 The bullet bounced off the barrier harmlessly, and Bart looked shocked. "These animals know magic!I must kill them by hand!"he snapped. Chuck was smarter, and ran. He slowly approached the ring, then ran. The barrier appeared right before he could snatch a koala, and he flew through a nearby window, falling into the stream below. Everyone cheered, but they were quickly shushed. The phantoms were invading. Luckily, none could lift the door and enter, but a few wafted in through the broken window. They disentigrated against the barrier, and Cosmo gathered the dust for potions before returning to his post. But now, they had established a new rule. No animal could leave their group and go to another, because all the alphas except for Lisa would yell. That way, it was easier to escort them outside.But as the invasion ended, Mira flew in right from the ceiling, giving a few wolves a scare.After all, she could manipulate any boundary to let her through. Mira perched on a tree the alphas had superglued to the wall so that she could admire the artifacts."Alphas, you know better than this."she said."Seperating the animals isn't a good idea, and this could've led to another feud. Lisa, my darling, why didn't you speak up?"Lisa looked ashamed. " Mother Sky, we needed to escort them out safely, or someone could enter Cosmo's lab or Brady Barr's house by accident. We also needed to keep them away from the phantom zoo next to the river."she sighed. Mira waved her wings, and everyone was where they should be now. "I'll extend the ring's power to keep the phantoms and Twolegs away."her voice whispered into everyone's ear.


 And so, the ring's power was extended, and Peck was given a merit award for her work. However, in the process the words were smeared into squiggles, and the phantoms could still enter in October, but they were controlled by it's magic, as the original incantation had been altered by age. Mira knew that Twolegs would never enter again, but eventually the phantoms would invade.She created all those weapons in stores for Jammers to get ready for that day, and placed fences to keep phantoms out. However, rumors say that the invasion will begin next year, in 2013...

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