Saturday, December 22, 2012

Otto's Journey

Otto is a lesser  alpha,one who likes trade and sometimes even trades new jammers a gecko plushie for nothing!He is a mysterious figure,one who imposes a threat to small bunnies.Let's peek at the past of this gentle pachyderm...

Chapter One

 "Father,what is that tree?"
Otto asked his father.
 "Otto,that is Moko,the elephant god."his father relpied.
"Tell me the legend!Please?"
His father sighed,and got a faraway look just looking at the baobab tree shaped like an elephant.
"A long time ago,Africa was a land of landfills and evil.Spirits of chaos roamed our land,terrifying the few inhabitants.As the animals were driven to extinction,Moko was born from their last prayers.Everywhere he stepped,life overcame death.Jungles and savvanahs grew in his path,choking the chaos.As soon as he reached the South Africa,Apophis rose to oppose him.'Brother,I cannot let you defeat my minions of Death and Chaos,and Life and Balance will make their last stand HERE!'Where Apophis stood,serpents of shadow crept over Moko.He resisted,but they binded him to his spot.When Moko could fight no more,he summoned a spear decorated with phoenix feathers and drove it into the shadow serpent's heart.Apophis died,but Moko did,too.Moko managed to travel here,and became that tree,which protects all of Africa today."
Otto was awestruck."Where did the spear go,Daddy?"he asked his father.
 Otto's dad's expression became serious."Young Otto,you cannot go around asking questions like that,"he warned.
 Otto looked disippointed.
"The rest of the scrolls were burned by the remaining followers of Apophis,and our defeat is still a touchy subject."
What Otto's dad didn't realize,though,was that his answer fed Otto's curiousity even more.

Chapter Two

 Five years later...
 Otto opened the stone door of Moko's temple,nested safely under his tree.Three moons ago,his father had died,leaving him as the elephant tribe's chief.All of the maidens in the tribe had gathered to dress him in his father's robes,which prepared him for this moment,the time where he would recieve a quest for the sake of his tribemates,from Moko.The musty smell of the temple made him want to plug his trunk,but he needed a paw to use.When he was six,Father had told him about Moko and the origin of Africa,which would prepare him for the war he would soon experience.The rhino tribe had accused the giraffe tribe of stealing their grass,while the giraffes accused the crocodile tribe of taking their trees.The only tribe that wasn't fueding right now was his,but Otto was sure that an accusation would be made soon.The torches on either side of him were blazing green,which made no sense to Otto.Wasn't the color of fire red?When he got to Moko's little altar,he saw the elephant warrior and the Egyptian chaos serpent Apophis battling each other,frozen as statues.Apophis was in pieces somewhere in Uganda,but Moko's spirit was trapped in this tree,radiating life.The green spirit of Moko fluttered around in the chamber,trying to warm up Africa in these dark times.Statues of Moko supporting the stone ceiling,in full battle armor,showed any tresspasser that Moko wasn't someone to mess with.His bulging muscles was enough to scare his fellow chiefs,the rhino chief Ruby,the giraffe chief Edmund,and the crocodile chief Cornelius.The small brazeir in the center of the room glowed green,as all the torches did,making Moko's skin look reptilian.Otto walked up to the central statues,and dumped some acai berries into the sacrifical bowl,along with half-dead scarabs extracted from Egypt.He began his prayer to Moko.

Chapter Three

"Oh Moko,answer my call."Otto cried to the vent in the ceiling,leading up to Moko's burial chamber,where his spirit was coming from.The mist was slowing down it's cycle through the chamber now,as if it was listening."My father has died,and our beloved land is being torn apart by the four tribes.O Moko,please send me advice."A tattered scroll floated down from the vent,and a fresh breeze smelling like fresh flowers and dry grass blew in.Otto grabbed the scroll with his trunk and unwrapped it.These words were etched on the papyrus clearly,as if the writer had freshly written the message.

                                                     YOUR ANSWER SHALL BE FOUND
                                                                      AT THE OASIS
                                                      WHERE THE CHIEFS SHALL MEET.
                                                       COME TO MY CHAMBER
                                                         AND RECIEVE YOUR QUEST
                                                          TO AVENGE ME.REMEMBER,
                                                                  NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.

 Otto stared at the message in disbelief.As far as he knew,nobody had been up there in millenia!It was an honor to see Moko's coffin,but Otto didn't see how he was special."How will I fly?"he asked.New words were scrawled on the scroll,and Moko's voice seemed to resonate in his ears.

                                                          JUST IMAGINE YOURSELF FLYING.
                                                          THIS POWER HAS BEEN GRANTED
                                                                          TO YOU BY ME.

 Otto imagined him,a one ton elephant,flying up toward the vent.Before he knew what was going on,he was floating into Moko's tomb and gawking at his sarcophagus.

Chapter Four

 The tomb of Moko was grand,but vines had choked many of the urns and shabti,,making the place look like Moko hadn't bothered to spring clean it.Only one thing was sacrificed from the plant treatment,which was Moko's sarcophagus.Otto wanted to open it,revive Moko,but a force kept him away.The coffin radiated power,and the full spirit of Moko rose from it.He looked like a helephant,with a jeweled loincloth covering his front butt and a phoenix feather headdress.Moko trumpeted,and Otto smiled."My lord,speak."Otto said.Moko was given the ability to talk after millenia of silence."Otto,my son,you must unite the tribes against Apophis."Moko said."Other gods will play a part in this,but they do not matter right now.I shall inhabit you,use you as my host untill you have fulfilled your destiny.Giving is better than recieving,and you will sacrifice much to battle Apophis.Goodbye and hello,Otto."Moko's spirit disentigrated,and was sucked into his body.With a pop,the god of life was living inside his body."

Chapter Five

 He went back to the huts,and his elephantskin awaited him nervously."What is the quest?"General Eltoto asked him impatiently.Otto gave them the truth calmly."We're going to gather the chiefs for a meeting at the oasis in Egypt."he said,"and try not to lead them into a slaughter.Impossibly impossible,isn't it?"

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